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Safety is a prime issue of consideration when dealing with cars. Vehicles are man-made instruments that are prone to mechanical issues which can lead to accidents and bad emergencies. It is therefore important to understand the prime areas of importance in car safety.

Though generally, there are many safety features important in a car, there are the prime ones that stand out among the many considered of all. These are the life-saving features which can not only reduce fatalities even during emergencies but can also shield the driver and passengers from damage during accidents.

The following is what you need most as safety features in your car.

       1.      Adaptive headlights

In as much as the day remains, the fact is that night surely comes. The daylight may be enough to help drivers get clear visibility of the road and manage cars during a driving experience. This for a normal temperate day. Nonetheless, there are also some days where visibility is greatly reduced by fog and mist from very low temperatures.

However, when night comes, visibility will only be achieved through headlights. This mostly happens during the winters. In such cases, headlights are not only reserved for the night-time but are useful in improving the driver’s visibility on the road even during the day. Poor vision has been linked to most accidents that happen at night and on foggy days. Therefore, ensuring that your car is installed with adaptive headlights helps a lot. Remember that adaptive headlights differ from the conventional ones from the fact that they adjust in regard to the elevation of the car to ensure that maximum visibility is achieved for the driver while reducing glare to the oncoming drivers.

     2.      Electronic Stability Control

A car is always wired to contain several electronic systems that manage some of the basic functions of the car like the lighting and ignition. However, electric control is among the latest technology improvement that has so far drastically reduced the number of accidents which had been happening from the sliding of cars from driving paths.

Electronic stability control is the electric system that considers several factors within the driving experience to prevent a car from toppling and sliding off the driving path. It considers the side motion, angle of the steering wheel, the speed of the spinning wheels, and the elevation of the car to control sliding. Once the system senses that the car is over-speeding bearing the elevation and side motion, it automatically applies brakes selectively to the wheels and prompts the driver to reduce speed and gain stability control of the car on the road.

    3.      Traction Control

This is yet another electric system in a car which ensures regulation of the maximum levels to which wheels can spin at. Through this initiated control, the car is prevented from sliding and toppling as the wheels are attached to an antilock brake system that automatically applies reduced acceleration when the wheels are detected to be over spinning.

      4.      Anti-lock Brakes

At some point in the driving experience, you will need to hard apply the brakes. This is however dangerous as it can cause the wheels to lock. Locked wheels can cause a slippery sliding effect and may cause an accident. However, with anti-lock brakes, your wheels are prevented from locking even when you hard press the brakes.

     5.      Windscreen

How can you bear fast driving in the cold wind without a windscreen? This makes this car part a very prime safety feature. It ensures that the occupants of the car are prevented from flying objects and particles during driving. The windscreen also shields from strong winds.

Nonetheless, with the much said, the windscreen is prone to damage from flying stones and other small hard particles. These particles are attracted by the pressure differences in the prevailing environment and a speeding car. For this reason, Novus Autoglass exists to help with all windscreen repairs and replacement services. Novus Autoglass offers mobile services to remote areas. You can reach out to them at any time of need and get your car windscreen examined and fixed to your satisfaction.


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