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Why Women Hate Traveling With Their Husbands

You might have looked at the Instagram pictures of couples with the hashtag, #couplegoals, and wondered is it really like that how they show it?

Is the vacation truly so blissful that women really want to travel with their husband every time?

No, it actually isn’t.

The truth is far from what it always seems online these days, but the problems are meant to be dealt with. Here is how:

Different travel expectations

Husbands often want their wives to be submissive and accept their travel style. Your husband may want to relax through the afternoon and begin his day after lunch, but you may want an adventurous day and make the most of your vacation time by exploring the city to its best. Differences in travel style may bring up differences in the relationship, and you may begin questioning your relationship.

Tip: You must talk to each other about your expectations from a vacation and set aside separate days for your individual and mutual travel goals.

Dealing with situations

In today’s times, couples often prefer to travel with each other before marriage so that they can see the true colors of each other. Apart from the annoying housekeeping habits, there may be something in your husband’s personality that you may have never seen before. You may notice that he picks up a fight when someone doesn’t abide by his orders. You may find out that he loses control under stressful situations. And you may also find out many other unpleasant aspects of his personality. Now it is up to you to decide whether you want to live with those nasty habits throughout your life, change those traits in him, or rethink about living with him at all. A vacation can be a true life-changer.

Money woes

You can swear by anything in the world that money is the root of all evil. Yes, you are husband and wife, but you should not place unrealistic expectations from him if he is the only earning partner. Or if you both earn, you must contribute to the shared expenses such as accommodation, air fares, Car Rentals in Mumbai, food, etc. If you want to go for shopping, you may want to do it with your personal card as much as you want.

Lack of space

Lack of personal space for several days in a row can take its toll on several couples, even if you are on your honeymoon. Don’t find yourself strange if you indulge in an argument with your husband on your honeymoon. You don’t need to hate your husband for being too moody or irritating because even the small nuisances may escalate when you don’t get time to freshen up after an argument.

Tip: You must enjoy some personal time away from your husband, and give him time to enjoy his space as well. You may want to have a drink while watching TV, chat with someone back home, and revive yourself with some shopping alone.

All you need is to find out solutions for every possible argument that you think may make it hard for you both to live with each other over a vacation. After all, you are life-partners, you cannot fret over petty things all through your life. 


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