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Why are translations important for companies?

English is widely spoken in the business world. However, neglecting other languages ​​means that companies lose potential customers. Translation agencies offer much more than just a translation service. In this article we talk about the importance of translation for companies.

Being born in an English-speaking country can be something like a double-edged sword. On one hand, English is the main language of the business world. It is the most taught foreign language in schools around the world. Finally, it is the official language of 20 of the most important international organizations. But on the other hand, it leaves many native English speakers without considering the possibility of integrating another language into their personal or work life.

It is true that English is one of the main languages ​​spoken. However, the decision not to translate the content into Spanish, Russian or Chinese may be one of the biggest mistakes a company can make. Some companies end up learning this by paying a very high cost.

Missed opportunities

According to the latest Eurobarometer report, English is much less popular than we would like to believe. For example, it is the second language of only 39% of the French population. In Italy, this figure does not reach 35%, and in Spain it is less than 23%. These numbers would not be so alarming if it were not English language lover in these countries. The situation worsens drastically if we consider emerging markets. Only 5.2% of Russia's population speaks English fluently, 5% speak it in Brazil and less than 0.75% in China. This is one of the reasons that explains the importance of translation for companies.

If you take into account the fact that the combined population of these three countries is more than 1700 million people, it is obvious that not translating your content can cost your business an absolute fortune. It is also a huge error that your competitors might already be evading. Large multinationals companies have realized the great opportunity of translated content. Consequently, they started using high quality language services years ago. No organization can afford to pass up the potential that such a large market can offer.

Most requested languages

The average number of languages ​​to which companies want their content translated is 12. The most popular are Spanish, German, Chinese or Russian. Also Arabic, Portuguese, Polish, Indonesian and Malay. These languages ​​offer the most options due to the large populations that use them. However, translation agencies´ clients say that a large part of their income comes from countries such as Sweden, Norway and Italy. Therefore, they ensure that their content is also translated into these languages.

External help needed after realizing the importance of translation for companies

Most companies choose to outsource the translation to agencies instead of doing it internally. This is because they recognize that these companies are efficient, affordable and have experience. For many companies, this is not a difficult decision. Agency translators offer a wide variety of services. They are usually much cheaper compared to hiring and training a whole new team of internal copywriters.

At the same time, translation agencies offer much more than only translation services. After more than several years in the industry, these companies usually specialize in all branches related to translation. In addition, for the most loyal customers who offer a constant workflow, they usually offer promotions.

As a consequence of globalization, working with clients and international partners is more important than ever. Although English is widely spoken, many people for whom it is not their first language would prefer to read about products and services, or devote themselves to content, in their mother tongue. Translation agencies can help companies to take care of their marketing content, making sure that it generates the right traffic.

In addition, localization can sometimes play such an important role in translation. Localization goes beyond ensuring that its content can be understood; it means making it more relevant for a foreign reader. Whether through idiomatic expressions, specific terminology or tone, localization can offer content that resonates more strongly in your target audience. Professional translators ensure that your content really speaks to your customers.


Companies that still believe that the rest of the world will adjust to English content should prepare to lose, or at least not earn millions of dollars every year. It is only a matter of time before the translation of each written word into Spanish, Italian, Chinese and other languages becomes a necessity. This is the perfect time to take advantage of this trend and take advantage of being one of the pioneers.

We hope that this article has been useful to answer the question of the importance of translation for companies, a question that everyone should ask more often if he wants to be a world-class player.



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