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Why and How to Get a Voice Over Reel

Okay, so tell us one thing. What do Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman have in common besides being great actors? Any guesses? It’s that both of them are voiceover artists and are recognised by the world for their charismatic voice. If you want to pursue a career in the same industry, having a flair for voice modulation is not enough. If you truly want to be a voiceover artist everyone remembers, you’d need the finest Voice Over Reels. Why? It’s because whenever Casting Directors are hiring a voiceover artist, they need a reel in order to understand whether the voice is perfect according to their needs or not.

Now, you must be thinking that the Casting Directors have already heard your voice so what is the point of a reel. Allow us to enlighten you. When you have a Voice Over Reel, you can show the Casting Directors what you are capable of and how professionally you can deliver the dialogues. It also helps the Casting Directors to understand whether you can handle yourselves in the recording area or not. So, if you want the Casting Directors to book you for the work, make sure that you submit the best Voice Over Reel that can easily convince them that you can create the magic that they are looking for with your voice.

But the question is do you know how to make a good Voice Over Reel? Have you ever made a Voice Over Reel before? Don’t worry if you have not because we will tell you how you can make an ideal voiceover reel. First things first, remember that the Casting Directors do not have a lot of time because there are several Voice Over artists just like you who are auditioning. So, keep the reel about 60-90 seconds long and try to create magic in the shortest of time.

And to record a voiceover reel, you can contact a great company called Singing Demos. It is a trusted recording studio which offers you a comfortable and friendly environment so that you can easily record a reel that has your best performance.

Singing Demos was started by Mitch, who has a passion for Musical Theatre. After Mitch had completed his graduation from Italia Conti, he was not able to find a good Musical Theatre recording studio, and hence, he decided to start an MT studio where artists can easily make Vocal Reels and Voice Reels at an affordable price.

About Singing Demos:

Singing Demos is the leading recording studio that you can visit to make London Vocal Reels.

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Singing Demos

Singing Demos was established in 2011 by Mitch. He is the owner of the studio and understands the struggles performers have to go through when they are looking for a company to record a reel with. One which is firstly high quality and secondly going to represent the Actor in their best light possible.

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