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Where to Buy SoundCloud Plays to Attract More Audiences?

SoundCloud is a great platform audio tracks that you cannot find anywhere better than this. And has not gone unnoticed from many marketers who want to take advantages of this great audio listening platform.

Though SoundCloud is a very popular platform for audio listening audience and artist but to get in the notice of the audience is still an issue. You will face huge competition from around the globe.

One thing in SoundCloud that leave a huge impact on listeners is a number of plays of your track receive within 24-48 hours. If you are not so famous singer or artist, nobody gets to know about your track unless until your track receive a respectable amount of plays.

Getting a huge number of plays in SoundCloud is very important because SoundCloud algorithm works in a different manner. The number of plays you got in first 1 or 2 days decides whether your tracks get the boosts from SoundCloud or not. The number of plays you have on your track the more SoundCloud promote in on its search result. often they buy SoundCloud plays service to get more user engagements.  

Today I going to discuss 5 tools that will help you grow your SoundCloud plays.

1) Websiteee
Websiteee is an expert in SoundCloud services. They help their clients to drive likes, plays followers etc. The price range starts from $2.50. They are highly experienced in providing real SoundCloud services. SoundCloud plays works as social proof and validates your work. They have a very nice and easy way to give the order. They are also known for their fast delivery.

2) Hypeddit
HYpeddit is specially designed for promoting the SoundCloud tracks to the most potential customer. It is basically designed for a musician but it can be used for SoundCloud services.
You will be provided with many tools for increasing the social proof for your track so that it will be more visible to your followers and fans.
Hypeddit ca also be used to take advantage of SoundCloud promo’s channel. Also, you can buy SoundCloud followers with also social proof you will generate with Hypeddit. Combination of these 2 methods can certainly increase your followers and number of plays.

3) Landr
It is a cloud-based software that lets you master in improving the tracks quality. This software helps to improve your track quality. The improved quality can certainly increase your fan base and popularity.
Landr has a very unique feature which is called “genre detection function”. This function clarifies your track particular genre on specific musical components. This genre detection function is very useful in marketing your video to a very specific audience.

4) Facebook

With more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is definitely your biggest marketing channel outside of SoundCloud. You can very easily embed it into your Facebook account. You just need to paste the URL of your track on Facebook account and it will automatically be embedded as a playable track.
You just need to create a Fan page and followers not only can check your track but can access your other information and that helps you to increase your followers and number of plays.

5) SClikes
SClikes a very genuine social media service provider who can provide you many SoundCloud services for example “Likes, Plays, Followers etc” They use cutting edge technology to produce real and quality traffic. They have a very huge network of active accounts. They provide you real SoundCloud plays which help to get rank easily on search engines and increase your popularity. Their payment process is very simple, all you need to fulfill 2 columns. 1 is your email id and 2 your SoundCloud track URL and that’s it. This website is specially designed for SoundCloud.


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