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When To Wear a Face Mask?

Face masks are now compulsory to wear when using public transport. New guidelines of WHO advice that wherever social distancing is not possible, people must wear medial or non medical face masks. Hospital staff, outpatients and visitors are supposed to wear medial or surgical face masks and latex gloves.

To help reduce the risk of corona virus transmission, it is important to wear face mask while growing to crowded places or travelling by bus, train, ferry or plane. With the ease of lockdown, the number of people using public transport is expected to increase.

As per the government people should continue working from home if possible, if they can’t work from home then they should try to avoid public transport and use personal vehicle, and if using public transport then they should at least avoid travelling during rush hours.

WHO’s new guidelines on face masks recommends that anyone under 60 should wear face masks while visiting any enclosed environments. In areas where physical distancing of at least one meter is not possible, a face mask provide a barrier for potentially infectious droplets. It also recommends that anyone with an underlying health condition or aged over 60 should wear a medical-grade mask in such environments.  Anyone with even the mildest of COVID-90 symptoms or those caring for them, should follow the same.

Where to buy face masks online in Ireland?

Face masks can help reduce the spread of corona virus from people who are contagious but have no symptoms or are yet to develop symptoms. You can easily buy simple or surgical face mask online in Ireland from trusted online pharmacy in Ireland such as Roche’s Chemist. They are one of the best online pharmacy in Ireland with next day delivery service. You can explore a wide range of medical supplies, Surgical Face Masks, Latex Gloves Online and many more to shop for.

The CDC has advised wearing a face mask for those out in the open spaces, such as markets and drug stores, where it could be difficult to appropriately practice social distancing. While the CDC suggests wearing a face mask, specialists concur that face masks don't eliminate the requirement for washing hands or social distancing, and they completely don't the only one preventing the spread of COVID-19. Most face masks will work to help prevent the spread of droplets that the wearer is discharging, clarifies John-Martin Lowe. It can help lessen the opportunity of infecting others in case you're sick and won't completely shield you from getting the infection from another person.


" Wearing Face masks doesn’t mean, now you can ignore social distancing,," said Lowe, including, "In case you're sick or have a contamination and don't know it, the infection will ideally be decreased by you wearing a face masks."


A few kinds of Surgical Face Masks like N95 or others, which offer the most insurance and are profoundly sought after, ought to be used by health workers who are generally most exposed to infected patients.



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