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What Will It cost to make a cricbuzz like mobile app?

As the cricketing season gets kicked off in many countries after lockdown  the necessity or the demand of the apps like CricBuzz grows which helps people to keep themself updated of their favourite sport,be it a international cricket or A premier league of some country,As the usage of these kinds of apps increase,the Companies are busy in developing the alternative one,but at the same time it is the most unexplored kind of service too.We at BrillMindz,Top Mobile App Development company have the team and expertise to develop these kind of apps 


What Is the CrickBuzz Mobile App?

    CricBuzz is a app which gives us quick and accurate scores through the sources they have of the live matches,they also gives the frequent updates on the cricketing information and also the schedule of the matches,they do this for both international and league matches 

They also do commenting on the live matches to give the experience for the users as if they are watching the live match and if you are also looking to build one of this kind of app the go through Top Mobile App Development Company In Bangalore 


What are the features to be included In The App

Streaming the Live scores/updates

 The Most important feature of a mobile app like cricbuzz is to have the feature of having the scores live,Mobile app companies developing this kind of app should imply this to make sure that users should always get the live information


Scheduling of games and frequent notifications of schedule

   It is important to have the future games schedule listed and the schedule should also sent in the form of notification  so that the user can easily know which game to fallow on which date this helps the users to stick to the app they are using 


Popular videos and highlights

 Some of the popular videos of the match should be uploaded and highlights of the match should also be updated so that the user will not miss a moment of the match and also notifying the popular moments of the match makes the mboile app development famous


Updates that can be added to this feature 


Upload video reviews

Asking the users to upload their views in the form of video could be a very good added advantage to the existing feature for all the mobile app development companies


Making predictions 

The Mobile app developed should also allow the users to make the predictions of the match which team would win or dont win, which team would score how much or how many wickets would a cricket team take these features would make the app more engaging 



     In extra feature that can be included in the Mobile app Develoments just like cricbuzz is the live chat feature where the users can chat on ball to ball and express their views 


Cost Involved

The cost involved in making the apps like Cricbuzz Depands on several features platform,design,complexity,the amount of time invested and cost involved for the developing tools. The cost also depends on advanced features so it is very important to choose a right team like BrillMindz the Top Mobile App Development Company In India


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