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What is the scope of IoT in the future?

IoT or internet of things lately we hear this word quite often. Words like cyber-attacks, hacking, we can hear it too together with IoT. Despite this, fears of piracy and cyber-attacks on the internet and IoT applications will grow much faster in the coming years. In the end we can say the scope of the future IoT or the future of IoT is very bright. There will be lots of IoT devices coming soon.

IoT or the Internet of Things is primarily a full system of all interconnected computing devices, having all mechanical and digital machines. When objects or living things have UID or Unique Identification, IoT and IoT applications can transfer data automatically without including human-to-human interactions and human-to-computer interactions in between.

Internet of Things or IoT objects can be either artificial hearts in humans or biochip transponders in farm animals or sensors containing cars. All of these things are important for human survival. Along with the increase in the organization so that the needs of the organization that can make work run easier in an efficient way.

How many IoT devices are there now?

According to Gartner:

In 2017 there were 8.4 billion devices connected to IoT worldwide. While in 2018 it increased to 9.2 billion. It is hoped that by 2020 IoT-connected devices worldwide will be 20.8 billion.

It's hard to secure smart things that have a base attached to this, including items such as TVs, refrigerators, and security cameras. We can expect that there will be a 31% increase in IoT applications and IoT connected devices this year. While this can also reach 10 billion or more, which is more than the world's population.

IoT is useful because it makes our work easy and very less time-consuming. Come on, taking into account the smartphones that we use, make our lives so easy and a lot of our work can be done with just a fingertip.

IoT has facilitated human life. Imagine a hospital connected to all smart devices. All data collected from the device saves the patient information and then carries out analysis on any machine that the doctor or authority wants to examine. Make life easy and orderly, make the hospital run as optimal as possible.

This clearly shows the seriousness, and how important IoT is today.

Is the IoT device safe?

Basic and important questions that are on everyone's mind. Are all IoT devices that we use safe and protected? But people still haven't found much to secure the Internet of Things device.

Cisco, one of the largest network companies, told the Global IoT device supply chain that requires the most powerful and higher vigilance regarding quality control. Due to the lack of proper rules, regulations and IOT security standards, hacking of IOT and IOT applications is very common and dangerous.

The security of IoT devices is in the hands of the manufacturers. The manufacturer must ensure that all Internet of Things devices must be safe and secure to use. Safety is something most businesses miss. According to the survey:

Only 30% of 1000 respondent companies said that they took certain steps to secure all Cellular Applications and IoT devices. At the same time, the rest of the IoT device markers do not build up any security breaches.

We can even take many examples such as cloud-based websites like Netflix, Spotify and Reddit suddenly become unavailable in October 2016. The attack occurred when unknown hackers or destroyers began to gain control of IoT-based applications such as CCTV cameras, digital video recorders .

With this type of instance, we can say that our data and IoT devices are not as safe as they should.

What device is IoT?

Today, if we look around us, we can see that most of the IoT-based devices. So, we list all the popular IoT devices, which are addictive now.

First, out of all Smart Home Automations, we examine carefully, most homes opt for Home Automation. As a matter of safety, and those who want houses that are built automatically and smartly.

Voice Assistant, there is no home that does not have Amazon-Alexa or Google Echo in their home. People began to feel this voice assistant as part of life.

Smart Bands or Fitness Bands.

GPS tracker

Smart Smoke Alarm

Smart Locks

Camera Bell

Amazon Dash Button

IoT-based Security System

Home Wifi System mesh

This device is the most widely used IoT based product. However, there are more devices out there, which people use. It can easily be said how IoT has become an important part of everyone's life.

It is clear that the future of IoT is vast and will increase, without pause, people will be more dependent on the Internet of Things. Although we can even predict that in the near future, people can't even imagine their lives without an IoT device.

What is the scope of IoT in the future?

The future of IoT or where and what progress we can see in the future of IoT or after 25 years. You can see the top five themes that can be seen in the future from IoT listed below:

People will be addicted to Tech connections

The survey shows that the use of IoT-based devices will increase rapidly. This will affect people over the coming decades. There will be some magic things that will make people addicted to the device and people can't refuse to leave it. Its convenience and benefits will make people interested in the device.

In the future, we can even hope that people will choose connectivity over security. As connected with the community, friends and new technology with comfort will become more critical. People will even start storing all of their information data about themselves and their families on this device, and they start trading safety and security for convenience. Users will start making all rational decisions by risking their security and safety.

Children, adults, everyone will be addicted, and the house will be a big IoT device. While humans will not be able to overcome all this.


IoT has the potential to dramatically increase the availability of information and is likely to transform companies and organizations in almost every industry throughout the world.

Thus, finding ways to increase the strength of IoT is expected factors become the strategic goals of most technology companies, regardless of their industrial focus.

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