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What are the characteristics of a trusted online casino?


Locating a trusted online casino in Malaysia is the first condition of playing casino games and you can easily find a reliable casino site by keeping certain factors in mind.

Today, online casino has become an organized industry with stringent rules and regulations to check growth of fraudulent gambling sites. For example, sites offer casino free credit to attract gamblers but they can’t exaggerate the bonus to mislead players.

Documentation of online casinos

There are formalities for launching casino sites. The licensing authorities or gambling regulators allow sites to run casino games only when the authorities/regulators are convinced that the sites fulfill the formalities.

For example, Malta and Isle of Man are the most respected authorities in online gambling industry. They have sufficient provisions to avoid and resolve conflicts between players and operators.


Every online casino has to publish its license on its website. You can check license of a casino site on its homepage. But you shouldn’t stop at checking the license number and go on verifying the license on the regulator’s website. In this way, you can make sure that the casino site you want to become a member of is licensed for running casino games.

Details of casino owners

An online casino works like a corporate company with a registered physical office and a management. And you have every right to know about its whereabouts like where the casino is registered; where its office is; who holds ownership of the casino and who are its managers. You would require the physical address of an online casino, in case, you enter into a dispute with the casino.

Security certificates

Here it is necessary to mention that these certificates are different from Internet services. Casinos always have an advantage over gamblers but they are denied this advantage to maintain transparency in the game. Online casinos have to undergo security audit by independent software auditors. The auditors check veracity of software used by casinos and issue certificates to casinos that bass the security check. You should deal with the casino that has a valid security certificate.

Games provided

Gamblers rate online casinos according to number of games provided and they prefer playing with websites that provide different games. But most casinos run limited number of games like one or two. For example, you can find casinos dedicated to poker or slots. But you should keep looking for a website that has multiple games to offer.


Secure payment

While casinos give bonus but you should be aware about their payment gateways. If you exhaust all your free money but want to continue gambling then you will need paying for the games from your pocket. It is better you check reliability of payment gateways of a casino before accepting its membership.


It is an opportunity to win real money online free but you should know the conditions guiding the bonus. It is better you go through all that is written in fine print about bonus conditions before accepting any offer. And you shouldn’t hesitate in asking more questions about bonus, if you aren’t satisfied with the information provided.

For example, the casino free credit won’t be applicable on betting and lottery. Also, it could be limited to specific games. Or you could be asked to spend the money in parts. Or you might not get money but free turns for playing games. One that should be clear to you is that online casinos are free to form and amend bonus conditions.

Withdrawal procedure

You are certain to win dollars with bonus but what is more exciting is that all the winning amount is yours. And you are free to withdraw the winnings according to the procedure. For example, you will be asked to fulfil certain requirements before you are allowed to withdraw your winnings. You could be asked to withdraw only a certain amount or to play for a certain number of hours before you withdraw the winnings.

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Mobile version

Gambling while on the go is an option valued by players. You will also want to exercise this option to have maximum advantage of online casino games. Depending on the casino, you will be offered downloadable or instant play options. You can check what option you have for gambling on the go before accepting membership of a casino.

Internet address

Reliable online casinos always start with HTTPS where the letter “S” stands for a security layer. You shouldn’t open a site that has the letter “S” missing in its Internet address and this you can do by just giving a look at the web address of online casinos.

Social media

You can follow online casinos to social media to see their activities like their followers, posts, shares and comments. Finally, you can try determining online reputation of casino sites to know who their clients are and what gamblers have to say about them. Another advantage of social media is that you can ask questions to online casinos and the casinos will give quick reply in order to maintain their reputation.


There are many websites that post reviews on online casinos. But you should be alert about false reviews posted by casino managers. For example, you should avoid the reviews that are either too flowery or too sarcastic. Normal persons don’t exaggerate their feelings except in extreme cases.

Test and try

After you have selected an online casino while following all the above-mentioned checks, you can give a last try before formally joining a casino. Play for free and try determining the reliability of a casino. If you find its services satisfactory, you can continue your relationship with it.

The casino free credit will allow you to try a casino without worrying about losing your money. You can spend the money according to the conditions set by the casino.

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A trusted online casino in Malaysia will give ample money with maximum freedom to enjoy the games. Also, it will have friendly withdrawal procedure. And once you have a reliable gambling website, you can experience online gambling to the full.





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