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What are the benefits of renting a car in Curaçao

Are you going on vacation and are you thinking about whether to rent a car or not? We hope we can help you with this post.

There is so much to see in Curaçao island. Whether you want to enjoy the beach, nature, sports or relaxation, there are plenty of activities to choose from. Car rental on Curaçao island is one of the benefits that will allow you to enjoy your holidays, as you will be able to explore all the corners of the island.

Vacations are the most anticipated time of the year for all of us, as it is the time to relax and enjoy 100% of our time. That is why when we tend to think of a destination far from home, we also think of renting a vehicle. Car rental on the island will give you a lot of freedom on your trip, because there is nothing better to enjoy your holidays than to do it at our own pace, under our times and saving costs.

The advantages of car rental in Curaçao are many. One of them is the fact of having the freedom to move when, how and where you want. This means that external factors no longer control the rhythm of your vacation. Traveling with a rental vehicle gives you wings to be able to discover every corner of the island where you are, every small or great place that you have been wanting to visit for a long time. Also, every restaurant you know is waiting for you on every corner of the island, and it´s easier to reach them by car rather than by public transport.

Car rental in Curaçao is easy because you can access to great promotions, offers and insurances with many travel operators, as they know how important it is to travel calmly on your vacation and not have to worry about anything other than the what you want to do today. For this reason, rental agenies offer you a wide fleet of vehicles from which you can choose from small vehicles, to large vehicles, family vehicles, SUVs, minivans and vans. These agencies adapt to you, your tastes and the conditions of your trip. Safety and satisfaction are always the priority of these agencies. In addition, some of them offer electric and hybrid car rentals in their range of vehicles.

Also, you may want to fulfill one of your dreams and shine like your favorite Hollywood star by renting a luxury car on the island. There are many agencies that offer you sports cars and convertibles from the very top brands for you to live the unique experience of touring the island aboard the luxury you deserve.

Additionally, if you travel with a large group, you can choose a big van and transfer work groups, friends, family and even your children's soccer team.

Avoid the hassle of traveling in taxis and rent your car directly on the airport, or request transfer service to and from the airport, which is free for most agencies, and an easy way to avoid complications.

Renting a car is ideal when you plan to take a city tour on the island or even visit several spots of the island within the same trip. A great alternative to move freely.

What can you get from renting a car on your trip to the island?

First of all, comfort during the trip, because it is not the same to share a car with strangers, or go by bus than in a car alone or with family or friends. Thanks to the wide variety of car offerings that agencies offer, you can choose the type of vehicle that fits for you, either a convertible to get lost along the coast, or a family car (a sedan), ​​or an SUV to explore the wild regions of the island. And always at the best market price.

Also, with a rental car you will have complete freedom to move, without depending on schedules and the little flexibility of public transport. Additionally, with so many professional agencies on the island, you have the possibility of renting the car at the beginning of your journey on the airport or at offices located throughout the city. Select the one that best suits you and forget about spending an extra on transport to get to the hotel as well as on your excursions.

With a rental car you can save money and time. You can rent a car starting from very little amount of money. However, if you want to do that same tour of the city with public transport, you may spend much more and it also has the benefit of being able to have your own vehicle to visit the surroundings and the best corners of the island.


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