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We Don’t Just Stock Beautiful Hand Puppets – We Have All Of The Accessories, Too

There are many reasons why you may be interested in puppetry. You might, for example, be a parent, guardian or teacher purchasing hand puppets for use by little ones, or you may be a professional puppeteer or even simply an adult enthusiast.

What you might not have fully appreciated, though, is that there are just as many ways to make the already fascinating art of puppetry even more interesting.

That’s why we don’t merely specialise in the most Beautiful Hand Puppets here at Puppets By Post, but also supply all manner of well-regarded accessories, as you’ll find being offered at great prices in our well-stocked online store.

What accessories might enhance your own puppetry this year?

The New Year can be a slightly depressing time for many – understandably so, given that we’ve all been returning to the workplace after the emotional highs of Christmas. So, what could be better than treating yourself – and your potential audiences – to some well-priced accessories for use with the beautiful hand puppets you already own?

As you might imagine, a lot of our puppet accessories place a big emphasis on fun. Just have a look at the biblical outfits, for example, that we’re offering at tempting special-offer prices right now, or the other dressing-up outfits such as this dentist/doctor/vet number, or this highly authentic firefighter outfit consisting of trousers, jacket and a hat. All of these aforementioned outfits are suitable for children aged 36 months and above.

Other in-stock accessories of ours, though, are a bit more about practicality. The Large Storage Bag in Red is certainly a fine example of that; it incorporates a front red PVC pocket, into which a card with a word or picture can be inserted. This means the bag can be easily customised for use by children aged three years or older, making it an excellent choice when you’re seeking something fun that will also encourage the little one in question to tidy up after themselves!

On the subject of youngsters and tidying up, as much as we all love them, we also know how they can become so enthusiastic about their puppets, that they do sometimes leave them strewn around the floor! That’s why a little something like our 40 Arm Display Stand could represent the ideal addition to your school or nursery room, holding as many as 40 medium-sized puppets and helping to keep them clean in the process.

Discover our complete product range online today

For some of our customers, it’s our beautiful hand puppets that most attract them to purchase from us, whereas for others, it’s accessories that are the major draw. Whatever your own preferences, we’re dedicated to serving your puppetry needs here at Puppets By Post, in a way that is also gentle on your wallet.

Spend more than £10 on one order, for instance, and you can have your goods delivered completely free in the UK. So, don’t hesitate to allow some of the magic of puppetry and the associated accessories into your life this New Year!


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