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Use corona virus isolation time while traveling

The corona virus isolation time is the toughest for the travellers who are stuck around in India or in any other country. Many travellers have found themselves forced to stay in a foreign country with barely any money, and most of them cannot go back to their home. If you can book tickets to your country, it is good for you. However, if you still have to stay in India or anywhere else, you must utilize this time to your advantage.

Learn a new hobby  

Did you come to Rishikesh to learn yoga, or to Kerala to learn the folk dance? There cannot be a better time than this to do so. If your yoga ashrams are still functional, you must ask them to teach you. You may hire car rentals in Rishikesh, have the vehicle sanitized properly so that you don’t have to use the risky public transport as it is too risky, and commute to your yoga ashram. However, you may also take online classes if the ashram authorities do not open for a few weeks. You can use the same pattern of online and offline classes for any of your new hobbies, though the better thing to do is to go for online classes.

Read books

You may not be able to go to the libraries or book shops, but you can read e-books online. You may find them on amazon, some of the books are readable on your smartphone, and you can download the kindle app as well without needing to buy the device.

Make video calls

Just because you are isolated at home, it doesn’t mean that you have to completely isolate yourself from the world. Utilize this time to connect with your long-lost family and friends. Take out time to connect with friends with whom you only connected on Facebook and Instagram. You may ask them for their contact number and call them. We are all in this together and they would also love to have your call.

Reorganize and renovate your home

If you are lucky to be at home, you are at a much better situation than those who are traveling. You may use this time to renovate those corners of your home that have been pending since a long time. You may also reorganize your closets that need your attention. You may even want to donate the things you don’t want. This is already a tough time for many of us, and the underprivileged people would love to take the hand-me-down things.

You do need to distance yourself from the crowds, but you can always go to the parks without accompanying anyone. Do take proper precautions though while going to public places. Sanitize your hands after every 15 minutes and take care to be safe everywhere you go.

You can also do the social work by helping those affected by corona virus. Without touching them or anything in their home, you can still drop groceries at their doorstep. The times are indeed challenging, but we all can overcome the situation if we unite as humankind.



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