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Types of Leather jackets for Men

Different types of leather jackets are worn on different occasions. The raw materials used in the manufacturing of leather jackets vary based on the type of the jacket and the manufacturer. This article touches upon various types of leather jackets and the type of leather used in these jackets.

Leather jackets for men are manufactured for multiple purposes and the style and design of each jacket might vary based on the activity and the raw material used.

Different jacket styles are usually distinguished by the length of the coat, the way it closes, and the size and cut of the lapels and collar (if any). A few popular families have emerged over time and prominent leather jackets men’s are listed below:

1.The Bomber “Flight” Jackets were initially designed for flight crew who were participating in war but it come into vogue since and laymen have been using them with style.  They are waist-length leather coats with a delicate inner lining. These can be considered as casual jackets aimed at protection rather than fashion.

2. The “Double Rider” Motorcycle Jackets are inspired from Hollywood stars like Marlon Brando in The Wild Ones and these are quite popular among men. Huge spreading lapels and a flared neckline, along with snaps to attach them down in wind are important features of this jacket. The front zipper is angled in most cases giving it a distinct style. It is normally associated with rowdy and rough guys and it suits a double rider riding a Harley Davidson bike.

3.  The Moto “Racer” Jackets also known as “cafe racer” jackets associate with racing and are mostly available in bright colors with stripes and different patterns. They are different from other jackets in way as they are simple and streamlined without the flaps and snaps. It goes well with a bike.

4. Cattlemen jackets are buttoned jackets with a slight flare at the waist. They are thigh-length rural jackets and can be used while riding a horse as the bottom part of the jacket spreads.

5. Fatigue jackets are loose jackets with big flaps and soft collars. These jackets are belted at times. It is like bomber jacket apart from being aggressive in its style. There are many more jackets for men like Fencing jacket, Peacoat, Varsity and baseball jackets and trench coats offering different styles and purposes.

Leather Jackets men’s are made from different raw materials and the leather quality and type varies from jacket to jacket. Leather type determines the look and feel of a jacket along with the purpose of the jacket. There is no best type of leather as each has its own distinct features and advantages.

A few types of Leather are mentioned below:

  1. Cowhide is most commonly in jackets due to multiple reasons like toughness, durability, and water and dust resistant capacity. Motorcycle jackets possess stiff texture and are made out of cowhide as they offer more protection.
  2. Bison leather contains awesome natural grain patterning giving it a rich, earthy look and texture when compared to cowhide and it is also known for its ruggedness and durability. Bison leather is good for protective motorcycle gear due to its thick grain.
  3. Deerskins, Goatskin and Lambskin are some of the other leather types which are used in flight jackets and luxury jackets.


Leather jackets for men are something which only an individual should decide. There are many varieties and each has its own functions. A well-chosen jacket adds to the overall style quotient.


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