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Types of fences for swimming pools:

Safety in a pool is essential and to help achieve it, it is essential to place a pool fence around it. The security fence will prevent a child or animal from accessing the pool without adult supervision.

pool fence provides a lot of tranquility, but it is always the responsibility of the adult to safeguard the safety of children who may play near the pool. 

Types of security fences for swimming pools

Flexible fences for swimming pools:

Flexible security fencing for swimming pools is the most demanded safety, quality, and price. They are very easy to install, which allows you to install them yourself without the need for a professional.

They are very aesthetic Northern Beaches fences due to the variety of colors available and thanks to their interlaced mesh they do not block the view of the pool, so you can be outside seeing what is happening inside the pool and vice versa.

The materials with which it is made are a polyester mesh covered by PVC with treatment for the sun's rays, attached to aluminum posts using strips and screws. 

This simple but effective fastening system between mesh and poster allows you to adjust the size of the fence yourself, simply by loosening the screws, adjusting the mesh, and repositioning them.

Flexible pool fences are very practical because at any given time in a matter of minutes they can be removed leaving the pool fully accessible and visible thanks to its anchoring system.

Wooden fences:

The wooden fences in swimming pools are very striking, depending on the decoration sought, they can be very interesting. They have a wide variety of colors to choose from, the most common being to paint them with exterior resistant varnishes that highlight their veins.

This type of pool fence due to its main component: wood, requires extra maintenance since the sun and inclement weather take their toll over time. They must be sanded and varnished regularly to avoid premature deterioration.

Metal fences:

You can find in the market different types of metal fences in swimming pools. Depending on the budget of each one, you can choose a type of metal mesh and posts anchored on-site to the ground or a rigid metal fence with posts anchored by screws.

The choice of one or the other will depend, among others, on the planning, since it would be quite tedious to install a metal mesh fence in a pool that is finished. If this type is chosen, it is necessary to leave the posts in place while the pool is being built.




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