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Top Schools in Dehradun

Oxford College of Excellence is a Daily school for Both Girls and Boys in Dehra Dun, Top Schools in Dehradun  Connected to This C.I.S.C.E.,'' India. Over time this institution has played with pivotal role in forming the personalities of pupils, that have left a destined mark in various fields. The faculty is located in the northwestern scenic elegance of expansive mountains and rivers of the stunning green Doon valley. Top Co-ed Schools in Dehradun It provides pollution free surroundings which is a blessing to your own kids. Oxford School of Excellence is famous because of its heritage and values. The dream of this faculty keeps it growing, and the standard of students it creates may be the indicator of its advancement. Over the years the parent school Bala Hissar Academy has played of a critical part in shaping the personalities of students, those that have left a destined mark in several areas. .

Oxford School of Excellence's visualizes the entire growth of each and every child: religious, ethical, intellectual, social, psychological and bodily. Oxford School of Excellence is one of the few educational institutions in Dehradun that unites tradition with modernity. It aims at not merely supplying the greatest possible education for your children but in addition ensures their round-the-clock development.

Our job is to educate and prepare students for day school in Dehradun

We plan to give all our pupils the educational and practical resources to be successful in every field they decide to further their course of education. During our encouragement of achievement and both vital, liberty of consideration together with activity, students will produce a sense of private dedication and readiness for the requirements of the fast changing and challenging universe. The assignment of this school English medium school in Dehradun will be to impart excellent education within the authentic awareness for all around evolution of character by making certain that students come in touch with cognitive, intellectual, social and spiritual spheres of lifespan.  We're committed to supplying world-class early childhood education with internationally recognized, best teaching practices. 10+2 schools in Dehradun

 Our purpose is to supply a broad and balanced dressing so as allowing kids to achieve their whole potential. We aim to provide all our pupils that the educational and practical instruments to succeed in whatever subject they choose to further their course of education. During our encouragement of accomplishment and both crucial, liberty of thought together with action, students will create an awareness of personal dedication and openness for the requirements of the rapidly changing and hard world. The mission of this faculty is to impart superior instruction while in the real awareness for all round development of personality by making certain students are in full touch with cognitive, intellectual, spiritual and social spheres of lifespan.

We're dedicated to delivering world-class ancient youth instruction with globally recognized, most useful teaching methods. Our purpose would be to give a broad and balanced dressing table therefore as allowing children to reach their full potential.


Top Schools in Dehradun , Top Co-ed Schools in Dehradun


Pankaj kohli is a teacher, His teaching on science and maths has appeared in oxford school, personal classes and future coaching others. He is also professor and of a coaching training school based in dehradun.

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