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Top 5 Innovative Healthcare Applications To Use During The COVID-19 pandemic

The outbreak of coronavirus has been the cause of global panic. People are now actively looking for digital solutions to protect themselves and avoid running the risk of catching the virus, whether they are inside their homes or out working. Several tech startups, mobile app development service providers, and healthcare organizations have taken a more active role in this regard by developing smart platforms and mobile solutions to enable people to check symptoms, get professional advice, and adopt preventive measures.

Here is a brief of the top five latest apps and digital platforms that have recently gained a high amount of prominence due to the incredible value they offer:

App Idea # 1 - DocClocker

The app, DocClocker, allows users to receive real-time reporting of their medical providers, like finding out the wait-time in advance. The app enables users to make more informed decisions and do their part in preventing the spread of the coronavirus by avoiding long lines and crowds in waiting rooms. It helps limit the risk of exposure as much as possible.

App Idea # 2 - Orion Health

Orion Health's outbreak management solution allows users to remotely keep tabs and engage patients while they are in their homes. The platform helps to make this tough time easy for people by facilitating interaction between people in quarantine and the healthcare professionals and allowing them to monitor patients who have been recently discharged. Adopting fast to address the changing needs of the world, this platform also plans to use artificial intelligence to provide more personalized care for patients.

App idea # 3 - Medici Healthcare mobile app

The Medici mobile app provides the users with the option to reach out and contact healthcare professionals and doctors available on the Medici network. The app empowers the users to cut down physical contact as much as possible to reduce the risk of getting exposed to the virus, and it even helps eliminate unnecessary expenses by opting for the alternative of online consultancy.

App idea # 4 - Wash your lyrics

Innovative app ideas don't necessarily need to incorporate advanced technologies, a smart solution addressing the current needs can also be very effective and represent innovation. Wash your lyrics is precisely that, a simple but brilliant app idea that caters to the unprecedented urgency of post coronavirus world. The platform help users create handwashing infographics based on their choice of song that ensures you wash your hand for long enough, as suggested by CDC, we need to wash hands for at least 20 seconds as a preventive measure.

App idea # 5 - Don't touch your face

Don't touch your face app is highly recommended, especially for people who are finding it difficult to follow the preventive measure of not touching your face. It is the digital way or the best alternative of having someone shout at you to stop you from reaching for your face. The app uses a basic machine-learning algorithm that identifies images of each user while they are touching and not touching their face. After the system is trained to recognize the difference, the users can leave the platform open, and they receive a web notification, everything they touch their faces.   

Wrap up

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the world, how people live their lives, their needs, and mindset. At this point, self-isolation and avoiding any physical contact is the best measure one can take to prevent the risk of getting exposed to the virus. However, it has been incredible watching the tech community and mobile app development service providers to proactively come up with digital solutions that allow people to continue living their life with a new concept of normalcy. That said, the latest and upcoming healthcare apps are on the right track, providing smart solutions that allow people to ensure their safety by staying at their homes without compromising on their health. These app ideas and platforms are helping people by making these uncertain and unprecedented times relatively more manageable for them.




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