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Tips to travel on a budget as a college student

You may have always thought of traveling with your friends in your college life, but things are different for Indians than they are for the westerners. The first thing you need to deal with is your parents, who are always too possessive about their children. However, once you convince them that you will be safe, there is nothing stopping you.

Travel whenever possible

You may not want to skip your classes and go for a vacation, but you need to know one thing- this is the best time of your life when you can manage time and schedule. Once you enter the job life, the vicious circle of 9-5 job and a limited number of vacations will eat away all your time. That is why; you must travel as much as you can during your college life, no matter how small the vacation is.

Carry your student pass

You may not have any idea if your student ID works anywhere in India, but it surely works abroad. You must bring the ID everywhere you go, and ask for a student discount everywhere you go. In the worst case scenario, you will receive a No as an answer, but you may save a lot of money if eight out of 10 places accept your student ID.

Stretch yourself to save money

A budget vacation does not seem as fancy as you it on Instagram and Facebook, but it is still a vacation of your dreams. Use public transportation, find out cheap hotels and hostels, and eat at cheap restaurants to save as much money as you can.

Pack light

If you are going to fly to a destination, you can travel only with a backpack and a cabin baggage. It will save your luggage fees and also enable you to travel light. You will not only feel better when you have just one or two bags to carry, but also feel less remorse if you lose your bag in an unfortunate scenario.

Do the maths  

You must know how much a certain destination will cost before planning a trip. Unlike the previous days, you can research in detail about every place, and find out the money required for your vacation. It will help you to have enough money in hand before the trip so that you don’t have to kill your dreams when you reach there. If you want to hire Car on Rentals in Ahmedabad, for example, you will not plan for it once you know that you cannot afford it. However, you can plan to have the Car Rentals in another city where they are cheaper. Having some planning in mind enables you to deal with situations in a better way.

Stay with friends and family

You will be surprised once you realize how much money you can save when you stay with someone you know rather than staying in a hotel. Give your relatives a chance, and it is also a great experience to know them.

Have fun while you are still in college; you may not get back this time ever!



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