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The Rising Need for Leather Jackets in the Fashion Industry

Leather jackets have always been linked to biker wear, and early movies have progressed this image into fashion wear. Motorcycle leather jackets have now become a fashion essential for both men and women.


When did the biker jacket become a fashion icon?

Primarily motorcycle clothing are always designed and built for safety, the material of leather offers better protection on the bike due to the thickness and strength of leather itself .Now, when the movie “The Wild One” was released in the early 1950s; this sudden craze for biker jackets on fashion wear and arisen. We see the infamous marlon brando jacket which is still as popular today as it wa back in the 50s. This style jacket has been has been in the forefront for leather jackets for men. We now see the jacket being sold by a vast number of retailer and online sellers both in biker and fashion wear. The marlon brando is not only linked to bikers but now to rockers. We see a huge number of artists in the early 60s to the 21st century who have worn brando style jackets.

The style has been revamped over the years with different colours and shades, now being sold in red, brown and distressed leather. It seems like this is a style which is going to remain in not only motorcycle clothing but also in the fashion industry.

Is it still in fashion in the 21st Century?

There are now so many leather jackets for men which have been shown in blockbuster movies and then become a must have fashion essential. After the marlon brando we see the movie “Easy Rider” where Peter Fonda wears a leather jacket which has now been given the name the easy rider leather jacket. This movie was released in the late 60s and the jacket is still as popular as ever.

When we come into the twentieth century we see the release of “Fight Club”, the movie itself was a massive hit but the jacket worn by Brad pitt is now sought after by bikers and fashion buyers. A man would normally never think to wear a bright red leather jacket but it looked good in the movie and now this jacket has become a fashion statement.

Lets not forget that motorcycle leather jackets have not only become a fashion essential for men but for women as well. Everyone loves lara croft in the “Tomb Raider” movies, and since then ladies have realised how a fashion accessory such as a leather jacket can give of such vibrant style. We see varieties of different styles such as the leather jacket worn by Keira Knightley in the “Domino” movie. This jacket gives off a goth punk rocker look and similar styles are now sold by high street brands at affordable prices. Since then we have seen movies such as “ fast and furious” sporting some very appealing styles of ladies leather jackets.

To sum up, it seems that the social media has helped create this notion of leather clothing not only for bikers but for fashion wear. Now we see so many different styles which are being worn for casual wear such as the leather trench coat, leather blazers, leather bomber jackets and biker leather jackets. So it seems evident that as long as you have a leather jacket and a pair of jeans in your wardrobe, you really can’t go wrong.


Written by Kelly Richards who has worked in the leather industry for many years, following fashion trends relating to movies and social media


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