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The importance of a good translation for your business

Translating is not simply transferring a word from one language to another. To carry out a good translation it is necessary to know both cultures: the origin and destination ones. Only then is it possible to avoid faults.

1. A good translation to inspire confidence

Markets are conversations, and many of them - most of them - are in writing. That is the reason why the texts which a brand uses to communicates act as a showcase: they serve for potential customers to appreciate the qualities of what companies offer.

For this reason, it is important to take care of the texts, both in the local and international versions. US CEO and software expert Kyle Wiens recently stated in Harvard Business magazine that "the quality of a company is measured by its writing." He argued that it is very difficult to trust a firm that does not pay due attention to such essential details as how to communicate with its clients and suppliers.

On the other hand, a text processed by an automatic translator and corrected by "my nephew who has spent a summer in London" is not natural or fluid. Not professional either. That is because speaking a language does not mean knowing how to translate it. Undoubtedly, an interpretation of a foreign text by someone who is not a professional translator will have inaccuracies and cultural flaws.

It is like those poorly translated texts that we read in the instructions for many poor-quality products. They make us laugh, but they do not arouse our confidence.

2. A good translation to please Google

Google, with its new algorithm, rewards good writing and punishes bad one. In certain cases, even texts with many errors may be considered fraudulent. This search engine, when positioning the content, takes into account what each sentence means and not just the keywords, as it did before.

And that means that it helps users find well-written information first, without spelling, grammar and style errors. This level of quality will never be achieved by an amateur translation. That is, it is essential to take care of the writing for those who take SEO into account when writing and translating their digital texts. Texts that are easily understood are at the top of the search list, as well as those that have been written in rich and elaborate writing, coherent, with synonyms and precise rather than general terms (“thing”). This task can only be done by a connoisseur of the language and culture, a professional.

3. A good translation to make the investment profitable

A translation must be committed to the spirit of the original text, it must fulfill the same purpose, generate the same impact and convey all the nuances and intentions. The entrepreneur who invests time, effort and money in offering remarkable content in advertising, on his corporate website and in all marketing and communication documents but intends to save on translations, he is wasting money. Especially if you consider giving your company an international character. A good translation is the best finish for a conversation with the client from other languages. This is the reason why good translators only carry out their work in the languages ​​they master and in the subjects in which they are specialized.

In short, professionalizing communication is an imperative for those who want their business to go international, and that implies having the help of experts in language and communication. Because a professional translator also advises his clients about the culture of the country in question, and customs of its inhabitants, including conversions in measurements, currencies, schedules, etc. And, of course, in the jargon ... It is the only way in which a text can acquire the necessary proximity to attract not only the audience but also customers.

As a consequence of globalization, working with international clients and partners is more important than ever. Although English is widely spoken, many people for whom it is not their first language would prefer to read about products and services, or engage in content, in their mother tongue.

Additionally, localization can sometimes be as important as translation. Localization goes beyond ensuring that your content can be understood, it means making it more relevant to a foreign reader. Whether it's through idioms, specific terminology, or tone, localization can deliver content that resonates most strongly with your target audience. Professional translators ensure that your content really speaks to your customers.

Companies that still believe that the rest of the world will adjust to English content must prepare to lose, or at least not earn, millions of dollars each year. It is only a matter of time before the translation of each written word into Spanish, Italian, Chinese and other languages ​​becomes a necessity. This is the perfect time to take advantage of this trend and take advantage of being one of the pioneers.


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