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Ten Day Weather Forecasts and the Olympic Games

It can be surprising how something that seems to be an ordinary, even dull, part of everyday life can impact something as global as the Olympic Games.  What about the ten day weather forecast?  While we may think that a 10 day weather forecast is only applicable to our upcoming golf tournament, the truth is the 10 day forecast can command worldwide attention when it concerns the outdoor competitions of the Olympics.

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The next summer Olympics will be held in Beijing, China.  Beijing typically has a very dry climate, but August, when the games will be held in 2008, is China’s rainy season.  What effect could the rain have on the games? A ten day weather forecast would have the ability to accurately predict whether the unwelcome downpours are expected during the global event, but China’s Meteorological Association plans to make sure we don’t have to rely on that customary information
Zheng Guoguang, who heads the group, announced that China has plans to attempt to control the weather for the Summer Olympics, 2008.  China plans to use rockets that are filled with chemicals to seed the clouds and cause a downpour before the opening ceremonies of the game.  Chinese officials are hoping that by artificially seeding the clouds in the days just before the start of the Olympics on August 8, 2009, it will offset any prospect of rain during the games. 

Because Beijing is typically such a dry area, the Chinese are experienced at shooting the chemically enhanced rockets into the cloud cover in order to bring the onset of a rain shower.  Can they do this for the 2008 Olympics?  By closely following the ten day forecast during the end of July and beginning days of August, 2008, it is possible that the Chinese Meteorological Association could gain some insight into when they might want or need to launch their rockets. 

Of course, visitors to the Olympic Games in Beijing will also be watching the 10 day weather forecast, although it is unlikely that guests to the Games will be launching any rain producing chemicals into the skies.  Rather, the civilians will probably be settling for some sunscreen and hats if the forecast is good or some raincoats and umbrellas if that 10 day forecast calls for rain in spite of the Chinese Meteorological Association’s plans to the contrary.  Either way, the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China proves to be an exciting and memorable event.


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