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Stain Tips: Remove stains from tablecloths:

Many customers of our tablecloth shop ask Cleaners near me service many questions about the treatment of stains in your tablecloths. We have now put together various stain tips and tricks for you.

Fire stains in tablecloths:

Fire stains in the white laundry can be removed by moistening them with cold water, then sprinkle with salt and bleach in the sun.

Curry stains in tablecloths:

Since curry stains are very persistent, you should always rinse them first with lukewarm water and then rub the curry stain with spirit or spirit. Dab sensitive fabrics only. Then wash normally.

Grease and oil in tablecloths:

Before washing, grease and oil stains should be treated with gall soap (or with seafoam powder). But even dishwashing detergent before washing sometimes works well.

Persistent grease stains and machine oil should be rubbed with alcohol, ammonia, spirit or brandy. Fresh grease stains can also be dusted with potato flour and then brushed out. Grease stains that are still fresh can sometimes be removed by rubbing with dry potato peels.

Strawberry stains in tablecloths:

Strawberry stains are removed by softening the stain in a borax solution available at the pharmacy and rinsing in clear water.

Felt-tip patches in tablecloths:

Spray felt-tip stains with hairspray, leave for 15 minutes and then rinse with water.

Blueberry stains in tablecloths:

Blueberry stains can be removed with the juice of a lemon.

Cherry stains in tablecloths:

Cherry stains should be drizzled immediately with the juice of a lemon. Then treat with a little bleach or with stain remover, then wash as soon as possible hot.

Chewing gum stains in tablecloths:

Place the laundry in the freezer for a few hours until the chewing gum is frozen. Then break out the chewing gum or remove it with a clean knife. If the chewing gum has already penetrated the tissue, rub in the affected area with nail polish remover.

Ballpoint patches in tablecloths:

For white laundry, the stain should be soaked in bleach, wash the laundry under normal conditions afterward. For colored laundry, the stain should be moistened, then brushed with the toothpaste, with a toothbrush thoroughly from both sides work into the tissue and leave to act. Then rinse thoroughly and wash normally with a mild detergent.

Liqueur stains in tablecloths:

Liqueur stains should be quickly soaked in hot water as long as they are fresh. Older stains rub with distilled water. Also, gall soap can work.

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