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Smartphone’s and App Development: Top 5 Mobile App Development Frameworks

You don’t necessarily need to be a web designer or Smartphone programmer to develop a mobile app. There a few HTML5 frameworks that can help you create powerful mobile apps.

In this digital world of Smartphone’s, more and more people are finding their interest in mobile app development. With so many fascinating apps around us, it’s not only Smartphone programmers, web designers and app designers who are fond of building apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript but people who don’t belong to a technical background and have no native development knowledge seem to get involved in the job. So, for those with non-technical background but app development interest, here are some of the best app development frameworks that will help you get started with creating mobile applications.

Sencha Touch

A high-performance HTML5 framework, Sencha Touch is a mobile app framework that is designed to fit the most demanding app needs of varied platforms including Android, iOS and Blackberry. A built-in MVC system, 50 built-in components and interesting themes for some prominent mobile platforms make Sencha Touch a definite choice when it comes to creating creative mobile apps. Getting started with the framework doesn’t take anything but a lot of creativity and a considerable amount of time and you can create some powerful apps for various mobile platforms.

Kendo UI

jQuery-based framework with a number of responsive jQuery-based widgets, Kendo UI is a common choice for creating modern mobile and web apps. While most of Kendo UI widgets and JavaScript features are open source, there are some that require commercial Kendo UI license. If you’re someone who is quite familiar with jQuery, it won’t be much difficult for you’re to work on Kendo UI. 


With a highly functional library of CSS, HTML and JSS component, Ionic is apt for building amazing hybrid native apps.  The framework is built using Sass and is optimized for popular framework from Google, Angular JS to provide the application structure. To make it easy to use widgets, Ionic offers a set of custom HTML elements, know as Angular directives for its components. The framework uses Angular’s touch recognizers, HTML sanitation, asynchronous communication, and view animation logic.

Twitter Bootstrap

One of the most popular HTML5 front-end frameworks to create responsive apps is Twitter Bootstrap. The framework is jam-packed with powerful and intuitive features including a Bootstrap customizer; custom jQuery plugins and 12-grid responsive layout that help create innovative websites and apps.  


With the vast number of CSS and HTML UI components, Foundation is an advanced fron-tend framework used to create completely professional and customized websites and responsive apps from small devices to big displays. Varied HTML and CSS-based design templates for navigation, buttons, typography and forms help create intricate layouts without having to create a number of custom elements.

These were some of the most popular HTML 5 frameworks you read about. However, when it comes to mobile app development, you are overwhelmed with a number of possibilities and options. In addition, for those who are involved in e-commerce business, there are several companies that provide mobile app development solutions including iPhone app development company India. AKS Interactive is amongst such app development service providers, which offers quality iPhone app development services, custom app development and iPad app development services in Delhi.

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