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Skin Treatment New Jersey at Affordable Prices!

Looking for a laser hair removal treatment New Jersey? Or searching for good skin or facial treatment New Jersey? We at Quality Health Care and Wellness Center provide state-of-the-art wellness treatments at affordable prices.


Quality is in our name and our uniqueness lies in combining internal medicine with the latest diagnostics technologies and developments. We give preferences to aesthetics, anti-aging, and wellness care. We are in Old Bridge in Central New Jersey.


We provide non-invasive medical treatments for men and women of all skin types and irrespective of your age, we believe in loving the way you look. We believe in giving personalized care for every patient.


Our primary staff is trained to take special personalized care of the patients. Personalized care is important and specially because not everyone has the same skin type and certain medicines and products are different and hence, we provide our patients with additional care and attention. We are also actively involved case by case by co-ordination until the patients require involvement of multi-specialists.


We also provide routine visits, preventive care measures, managing acute medical conditions and chronic health problems. We also offer flexible and easy scheduling for our patients and making it as feasible for us as well as for you.


We specialize in botox and laser hair removal. We also offer anti-aging processes like Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. We have a wide spectrum of skin care products that shall prove to be effective on your skin for a long period.


We also include products that are beneficial to our body and are not harmful in any way. There are a variety of products, but we chose the best. We provide our customers with top medical products and they are different for different skin types.


At Quality Health and Wellness Center, our staffs include experienced professionals and are highly skilled. We shall walk you through our wellness and beauty products that shall prove to be the best for your skin.


Our team of specialists include Rafael Enukashvili (MD, PHD) specialist in Internal and Geriatric Medicine, practicing in New Jersey for the last 15 years; Irina Novikov (ANP-NC) an Anti-Aging expert, renowned in New York and New Jersey, she is known for her compassion, her strong desire to help others and her ability to artistically customize facials injections and anti-aging treatments; Alina Vernovsky (LE, Esthetics Supervisor) specializes in non-invasive skin rejuvenation and holds license for both in the State and in the State of New Jersey; Boris Vernovsky (MBA) is our Director of Operations for the past 10 years.


We offer an array of services including –


1. Juvéderm Injections Treatment New Jersey,

2. Laser Hair Removal Treatment New Jersey,

3. Voluma New Jersey,

4. Hydra Facials New Jersey,

5. PDO Threads New Jersey,

6. Belotero Treatment,

7. Kybella or Platelet Rich Plasma (The Growth Factor Facial),

8. Nova Threads,

9. Skin Treatment New Jersey,

10. Skin Tag Removal,

11. The Miradry System Application for Underarm Sweating Elimination,

12. Laser Spider and Varicose Vein Treatment,

13. Laser Toe Fungus Elimination,

14. Facial Treatment New Jersey,

15. Peels,

16. Microdermabrasion,

17. Fractional Laser,

18. Venus Freeze and Body Contouring,

19. Fat Reduction Modalities,

20. Anti-Aging Treatments – Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.


What are you looking for? Not included in our list? Give us a call at (732) 970-8700 and tell us your requirement.


We also provide VIP memberships monthly which has bonus points including a list of treatments and products. Under our guidance and supervision, you shall benefit the most.


We are the best at what we do and reading about us won’t suffice our passion and desire. Book an appointment or drop a query and get served by us first-hand. With better skin and glow, you shall become a better version of yourself! Be and look young and keep wrinkles at bay! Thank us later!


Quality Health Care and Wellness Center 


Telephone: 732-970-8700



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