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Self-driving into the New year at Jaipur

The pink city as we call it. A land of the vivacious Indian Culture, Jaipur easily tops the list for travellers who are engrossed with the idea of exploring the culture and unique dance and folk arts that Rajasthan offers. Not only the culture, but the natural beauty of the land, especially in the outskirts of the city draws a huge number of tourists every year. Jaipur, for me, is a city where you are introduced to the noble cuisine, the raw natural beauty of the countryside and the peerless architecture which is enough to make Jaipur one of the best destinations for tourists coming from all around the world.

So in case you’re heading to this part of the India and longing to get a glimpse of the unbelievable things that Jaipur has to offer, there’s no better way to get around the city than driving a self-drive car with your family and friends. And in case you’re wondering about the perks that you can get with these car rentals, well here’s a round-up of what you can get with self-drive cars in Jaipur

Festive and winter offers…

Festive offers come thick and fast with car rental companies in Jaipur. You can expect to get various types of cashbacks, discounts and other reward points on your booking. So you not only travel with comfort, but also save extra bucks on your rental. And with Christmas and new year just around the corner, this is perhaps an occasion to save for the merry moments right?

Newest fleet of cars…

Car rentals in Jaipur offer a wide variety of cars for your varying travel needs. So in case you’re heading for a Christmas shopping with your family, choose a car suitable to your need. Hatchbacks, Sedans, SUVs and MUVs, you get them all with self-drive car rentals in this charming city.

The privilege to change the course…

Being in Jaipur calls for an extra bunch of treats and fun. So in case you’re not wasting your time with public transports during the festive time and opting for a self-drive cars rental, you are in for a privilege of taking a halt wherever you want and heading wherever you want. And honestly, what’s better than a privilege of heading to different shopping and architectural spots in a city like Jaipur where you so much to enjoy?

Additional services…   

Not only do you get the vital comfort of travelling in Jaipur, but you even get an additional bunch of services like free roadside assistance and an assortment of pickup and drop service wherever you like. So there’s always an added plus self-drive in this gorgeous city of pearls.

So if you’re planning to visit to Jaipur to experience the unique gems of the city, book your self-drive car today in advance and drive around Jaipur on your next visit. It will not only save your money, but would also give you the privilege of travelling on your own terms.          



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