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School trips in the UK with a difference

When parents and carers think of school trips in the UK, they probably imagine something like they did in school… Trips to your nearest seaside town, sticks of rock, that type of thing.School trips in the UK nowadays can be far from a mundane walk down a promenade, a whole host of outdoor activities can be provided for any type of group. At Arete Outdoor centre we believe being in the outdoors provides one of the best forms of learning. A residential course in North Wales is guaranteed to leave pupils motivated, confident and with a new found respect of nature.

We believe North Wales is one of the best locations for a school trip in the UK, a fantastic selection of mountains, rivers, stretches of coastline and underground mines all sit within a short drive of one another. Snowdonia location within the UK makes it a good choice for many schools too, with good road and rail links also it makes traveling simple from many regions. Arete Outdoor centre like to base their school trips in the UK and residentials on journey based experiences in which students participate in a variety of adventurous, memorable challenges. The outdoors is the perfect classroom for the young people of today, a much needed get away from a busy technology filled life. Challenge, risk and learning how to overcome adversity (In the form of outdoor challenges) are a key part of our courses, aspects often neglected in a standard classroom based curriculum.


A school trip in the UK at Arete Outdoor Centre can be a busy, tiring and hugely rewarding experience. Students and teachers will have the opportunity to take part in: Climbing, Mountain walking, Kayaking, SUP, Mine exploration, Zip lines, Coasteeringand Gorge walking! 100% more beneficial and exciting than eating ice cream at a sea side resort. Of course, ice cream at the end of a busy day in the mountains is very important to us, after all, no school trip in the UK would be complete without ice cream.

Geography field trips don’t have to be spent stood in a local field or stream taking readings, why not take your class to the real deal? Make geographical enquires in a real river, at various stages of its course, whilst enjoying gorge walking at the same time.

Whether you’re a teacher planning next year’s trip, a student union looking for ideas or a keen pupil looking to share ideas with your school, a tailored outdoor activity course in the heart of Snowdonia is guaranteed to tick your boxes.


School trips in the UK


Arete Outdoor Centre is your one point destination in Snowdonia, North Wales, UK to learn various adventures outdoor activities from abseiling, mountain walking, sea level traversing, rock climbing and winter mountaineering for all age groups from certified trainers.

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