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Review of pou games

According to many reviews and market stats, pou games will be topping the chart in Google Android and iOS list. Pou games online are played by millions of users and have gained acceptance of the gaming community. A game which was created not for professional gamers and as a fun project got surprising fan following in no time. The game was first published with Google play store in 2012 and now it is almost on the verge of breaking record of sales of many established games.

Here we get deep into this game to find out what really is the cause of the popularity of the game in review.

The game strategy

The game is made with an all different approach which makes is exclusive in a way. What comes to your mind when I say a Pou game? Is it the sweet and cute looks of Pou or the hidden difficulty of the game that bothers you? May be some of you has expert reflexes to play this game by now but not all of us are superb at playing pou games online. We still have to struggle to pass to higher levels. You have a pet which solely belongs to you and you have the responsibility to educate and look after every aspect of his/her life.  You have to feed, clean, play with and make to sleep the pou. It all adds to your scores.

The graphics and audio

There will be a differentiated level of graphics and audio quality on online platforms and phones. The images used in this game have a distinct pattern. Here we have reviewed pou games. You will get all the information necessary to know before playing this game.Many of you will find the cuteness of Pou, the protagonist creature of the game adorable and simply irresistible but it is not the only appreciable thing about this game. There is a lot more in this game to enjoy. Pou games online are available for free and developers can download them and customize as per their requirements. This freedom has lead to many variations of the game. When playing it online you will find that the game adjusts all screen resolutions nicely. The audio is not appreciable as you will find that pou only moans and sounds like an odd animal. On mobile apps there is background score which makes this game more fun to play.


Unlike any other game available with Google play store you can download this game for free. Also it is available for free play with most of the online gaming platforms. All you need is to make sure that there are many customized versions of the game available. To fully use the cross platform feature of the game the same version app needs to be installed.

It is supported on all the major platforms which include Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry.Getting by the users’ reviews Pou game is one of the most interactive and fun games. It is suitable for all age group of gamers.


Popularity of pou games is increasing day by day. Now the websites are making money by offering pou games online  for free.


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