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Quick Guide on Starting an Online Vintage Clothing Store

According to the report by Thredup, the global vintage clothing market was over US$24 billion in 2018 and will hit US$41 billion by 2022. Since a lot of once-loved clothing is sold online, entrepreneurs often ask questions like ‘how to sell vintage clothes online’.

Techosquare believes there is no right or wrong way to start an online business but there is definitely a cost-efficient and smart way. Let’s understand how to sell vintage clothes online in the most efficient way.


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Decide your niche


Focussing on a niche from the very beginning will help your business to stand out. Make decisions related to clothing style (casual, formal, etc) and product type (t-shirt, jackets, etc.) for your store. 


Focused offerings will be easier to find buyers and will also simplify the shopping experience of customers.



Build an online store


Online stores are crucial to selling online. A successful online store must have a user-friendly interface, multiple payment methods, a mobile-friendly design, and the capability to host hundreds of products. But first, select a platform where you want to build your online vintage clothing store. 


We recommend building with SwiftKart, a modern-day e-commerce store builder that is ready to sell at $499. 


Launch your store


While your store is being set up, you need to buy a domain (like A domain will be the address to your online store. It requires yearly renewals and costs less than 50 USD. After this, you need a tiny investment on hosting. 


Hosting fees depends on your site requirements and usually costs less than $99 per year for new stores. SSL certification is also crucial since it shows the secure icon on the search bar. Once you are ready with your products catalog, upload it carefully to make sure everything goes as planned. 


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Grow your store!


Launching a store online is one part and making it profitable is another. Rigorously test your website in every way. If your find glitches during any step, get them fixed as soon as possible.


Proofread your product descriptions, check your picture quality, and make sure that payments are getting processed as they are supposed to.


Free consultation for online store 


These were the 4 steps that play an important role in launching a store to sell vintage clothes online. If you are planning to launch an online store but still have unanswered queries, consult our online store experts.


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