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Point of Sales

The Point of sale systems is also known as POS systems. The point of sales system is the great help in the today’s business world. It is mainly used at the retail locations like – Malls and restaurants and many others places. The POS system basically consists of the software as well as some hardware devices. The point of sales enables one to keep track of the purchase details like date and time. With the help of such Point of sales systems has helped small scale as well as the large scale industries. To support of the point of sales system is to achieve greater heights in the world to the business. There are thousands of points of scale systems are available in the market. We are to choose from in today's market. The Point of sales system starting range is from the very simple point of sale systems to the extremely advanced Point of sales systems. The frequent question that arises to the peoples mind when they heard about the Point of sales systems (POS) is that how this system works. The POS or point of sale systems is usually works through the infrared bar code readers. For example- The peoples are visit to the mall and they buy something from the mall. Firstly they take their product to the cash counter and the person at the cash counter scans our products with the use of the infrared bar code reader. So the use of the point of scale systems is not only benefit able to the consumer but it also the great help to the retailer also. The Point of scale system is very use full for the business. Now these days the Point of sales system is use many places like the Restaurant also.


 The Point of sales system consists of various useful components-

1) The monitor and hard-disc drive:- The Point of sales system helps to run embedded windows XP or embedded Linux.

2) The Cashbox- With the help of the Point of sales system it is connected to the terminals and it opens automatically when there is a cash transaction.

3) The Keyboard:- The point of sales system is used  a regular keyboard as the ones used with computers.

4) The Barcode scanner:-The Point of sales system is used a special device to scan the bar code of the each product.

5) The Printer:-The point of sales system is used to print the receipts.

6) The Card swipe device:- It is a device that enables secure electronic payments.

7) The Portable data terminal:-This device is basically used to count inventory and the number under the barcode to known as the stock keeping unit (SKU).

The advantage to using the Point of scale systems:-

 There are many advantages of using the point of sale system. With the help of this Point of sales system we save our time, to improve our marketing, responds to trends faster, to inventory control, to help consumers. Now these days this Point of sales system is being used in almost all the fields. The points of sale systems are used in retail industries, hospitality industries, hotel or restaurant business and malls and other places. 


Point of Sales

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