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Movie Madness and Leather

In every single movie you watch there will always be the lead actor or actress wearing a leather jacket in at least one scene! With or without a motorcycle, leather clothing just seems to be the fashion statement of the year.


With the increasing demand of film leather jackets but without the hefty price tags come the ever increasing online sellers. Now copies of movie jackets are readily available and offered at a more affordable price.


Before we move onto some of the best movie leather jackets, there a few tips to look out for when buying leather online:


●     You can’t actually see what your ordering so read the items details and descriptions properly.


●     Know your leather, for example motorcycle leather jackets should be heavy thick leather which is mainly buffalo or cowhide. If you're looking for a fashion leather jacket which you will not be wearing for biking then go for something less thick and more supple such as lamb or sheepskin.


●     Go for a trusted seller, look at reviews from previous customers and popularity


●     For lower prices look for a seller who manufactures their own products, these sellers will be able to cut out the middle man and cut down on prices.


Now the tips have been given let’s dive into the most famous film leather jackets and what makes them so popular


1.    Marlon Brando Leather Jacket- This is by far the most famous movie jacket and is still in fashion today. Worn in the movie “The Wild One” which was released back in 1953, we are now in the 21st century and this jacket is still as iconic as it was back then. It is probably one of the most famous motorcycle leather jackets and is now worn by men and women all around the world.


2.    Fight Club Leather Jacket- “Fight Club” was a very successful movie released in 1999, we see Brad pitt’s character Tyler Durden wearing two completely different styles of leather jackets which have become very popular. The first is the red blazer leather jacket, this style was re born when it appeared in the movie. A simple blazer style with buttons which can be worn casually or formally. The second jacket was the padded biker style with the white shoulder patches and striped around the arms. Both jackets are completely different in style and equally as popular. When searching online both jackets are sold in black or red.


3.    Maverick’s Bomber Jacket- Worn in the movie “Top Gun” released in 1986, Tom cruise wears a bomber styled leather jacket, the design was based on military flight jackets and was re designed. With or without the patches this jacket is a great casual leather jacket.


4.    Matrix Leather Coats- The Matrix Trilogy brought back long leather trench coats with almost every single key actor wearing one. Let's start with Neo played by Keanu Reeves; the new matrix coat was a floor long sleek trench coat which gives a gothic edgy look. Then there is Trinity who sports the ladies trench coat and pulled it off wonderfully and let's not forget the famous character Morpheus who wears an Alligator calf length coat. 


5.    Easy Rider Leather Jacket- Worn by Peter Fonda in the movie “Easy Rider” released in 1969. We see another classic biker leather jacket which has become more iconic over the years. With the famous red, white and blue stripes at the front of the jacket and the band around the right sleeve. This jacket has also been re designed as the classic racer which is all black.


6.    Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark- Released in 1981, this rustic looking bomber jacket brought the worn look back in fashion. The distressed nature of the jacket makes it appealing and it makes a leather lover realise that the more worn leather is the better it tends to look.


There are so many more movie leather jackets which have become iconic in the fashion industry but these 6 seem to have stood out the most. We have recent movies bringing back the classic styles with a modern twist so look out for these designs too.


Kelly Richards- Following the leather fashion industry in the social media and movies. 


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