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Most reliable alternative news sites

There are many digital newspapers and other type of alternative media that were born inspired by the need for an intertextual space, which allows journalists and readers to communicate from a current, versatile journalism and with as many voices as possible. These sites´ goal is to inform people and be their first choice.

Also, these types of media are open to publish the news that are not considered important by the traditional media. They give the news a different perspective, trying to show the interests that the economic and political powers of the capitalist world hide to maintain their privileges and current status.

The alternative media wants to serve and help all people, from different groups and collectives, as they work to change this world in a radically different perspective, more fair, egalitarian and socially and ecologically balanced.

There are thousands of alternative news sites. One of them is, and is one of the best ones. This sites shares news about a wide range of topics. Some of the topics are travel, natural environment, science, health and politics. The site is very easy to navigate, as it is organized by topics and by tags.

Another recognized alternative news site is SOTT (Signs of the Times). This site is formed by a global team of editors, who share articles on several topics. They write articles after researching different sources and put them all together in beautifully written articles, which are absolutely easy to read. Every article has an editor commentary, which is easily differentiated from the rest of the article as it has a different background. Also, there is a comment section located at the bottom of every article. The site is well organized, which allows readers to easily navigate it.

The site has a strong interest in topics such as esoteric studies, psychopathy and science. One of the community´s associated sites,, has a forum where readers can go deeper into esoteric topics. This site was born in 2002 and has evolved in all these years. As they mention on the website, they aim to be read by people who think. Anyone who wants to think deeply and research about her consciousness would have a great time at the site. By the way, it is worth mentioning that this is not the best site for those who get easily offended, as egos are kind of mistreated here.

Another remarkable alternative news site is Zero Hedge, which began its activity with the aim of being an alternative economic news sites. They state that on the long run, everyone´s survival rate is zero. This website is considered pessimistic by many mainstreamers. This is a great place to check an alternative viewpoint related to economic affairs. A disadvantage of this site is that it has a huge quantity of ads. This slows down the navigation experience for readers, which could be overcome by using some ad blocking tool.

Its mission is to broaden the scope of political, financial and economic information accessible to the professional investing public. Also, to skeptically research and, when necessary, attack the flaccid institution in which mainstream financial journalism has become. Other goals are to release oppressed knowledge, to deliver analysis separated from political power and to enable information's endless quest for freedom.

They achieve this by using pseudonymous speech in a responsible form. Anonymity is a protection from the tyranny of the mainstream. It thus represents the drive behind the bill of rights, and also of the first amendment, which is to safeguard disliked people from retaliation, as well as their personal ideas from suppression, from an intolerant society.

Last but not least, Truthstream Media is another alternative site that is worth visiting. This site is run by a couple who give their best to find out what is going on in the world. Aaron and Melissa are passionate about their site. They share videos which the viewer can easily appreciate that they have worked a lot on them. They share series, documentaries and videos.

Most of what they share shows their personal perspective, which is considered fresh and nice by their audience. Viewers get a nice viewpoint of different news through the couple´s personal experience. They research a lot in order to share high quality material, and this can be noticed in every video they post.


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