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Mobile Application Development – User Manipulated Market

Mobiles phones have gone from just a communication device to a device with variety of services such as data transmission, gaming, business applications, banking and internet access. The advancement of technology has created smart phones from the basic mobile phones. The two major operating systems that the smart phone runs on are Android and iOS. Many versions have been released and updates are a constant process. The increase in smart phones has given way for application development. Every mobile platform has its own programming philosophy and has its own set of unique problems. The complexity of developing, testing and maintaining mobile applications has been greatly reduced by using a common code base for all the implementations of the applications.

The top  mobile application developers  build applications for iOS platform before they build for Android platform, even though the latter has about 80% of the global market share. Mobile applications are increasingly developed for online shopping stores. They have become an important marketing tool for pulling in more customers. Few of the top developers for iOS and Android are BuildFire, Conduit Mobile, Taplytics, Appsbar, AppMakr, AppMachine.

Mobile application developers work with a telescopic view of limitless information. Most mobile applications shares data to the server and hence the bandwidth created for these applications are high.  There are various costs involved in developing a mobile application. Hardware and software are the essentials for an application developer, along with devices which are used for testing the new application before marketing it. The hardest challenge for the developers is that the application has to be flexible to run across various platforms and devices. This is achieved by proper planning and research when imposing parameters for the developing process. Cross platform mobile application development is seen as a necessity in order to gain increased market share.

The application developers create mobile applications with the users as the main focus. The mobile user interface (UI) is the foundation to every new application that is being developed. The goal is to be user friendly and easily understandable. The UI allows the system and the result to be manipulated according to the input given by the users. The application development companies base their developing strategies on low cost rapid development and low friction deployment.  Each application developed has to be maintained and documented for further updates with every new version of iOS and Android platform released. These companies test their applications on actual mobile devices instead of simulators before launching a successful application.


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