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Learn The Truth About Custom Logo In The Next 60 Seconds.

Your business logo is the introduction and considers as the face of your brand. It sets a first positive impression and provides a visual for the target audience to recognize and interact with the brand. You might be wondering that how can just one symbol can determine a business's success? Yes, that’s true; a well-designed one can contribute to business success, as it is not just an image it’s a message that motivates the public to buy its product or service.

On other hand, an inferior company logo can bring huge destruction for the brand as it turns off potential customers. Have you ever decided to buy a product or a service-based upon its symbol? If your answer is yes, you’re not the one .ultimately; a brand emblem is its most necessary visual asset. Brand advertising, reliableness, dependableness, and many other aspects depend on that one symbol. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most crucial points that a designer should have to consider before he starts designing a logo. Moreover, we have included some truth based facts and figures which are hard to digest for business owners. 

No need to rush

Often we have seen that designers are in hurry to complete their work. This is where they are making a huge mistake; yes! Work should be efficient but at the same time effective too. I believe you can ask a stranger to create a logo rapidly, and it might look pleasant, but it won’t be as productive as it can be without the complete knowledge and proper step followed. Bypassing this process, you will end up creating a image that might look nice for your eyes but from the customer's perspective, it’s just an image without any message.

For making things correct you need to cool down a bit take your time to explore more ideas and concepts. Take a pencil and sketchpad and start drawing whatever comes up in your mind. Just never be shy!

Save your bucks

You might have seen some websites asking for thousands of dollars to get you a designed logo. That might sound foolish, and sometimes it does. Spending hundreds and thousands to obtain a design that might not worth it is not compulsory; you can even design it free of cost. Yeah! It sound like a dream, but it’s not. Find software like Adobe photoshoot, PicsArt, and Adobe illustrator can design it for free but success is not guaranteed.

Google designed its first-ever symbol absolutely for free. It was created jointly by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It’s the most recognizable symbol and it cost not a single cent.

Hidden advertising

Take an example of a renowned company like Pepsi. You have seen its buying logo all over around you. Either on a billboard or a company’s distribution truck and every time, you see you recognize. But, actually what makes it more interesting is that every time to see if you start craving for it.

If you’ve found yourself successful in developing your brand message and successfully tied it to your logo, everything you do and create becomes associated with the symbol and the brand.

Never rely on clip arts

The use of clip arts can make your logo looks fancy and overly-decorative. But on the opposite side, the uses of cartoons never going to make any sense because as it will never going to relate your business. Remember that your logo is a pictorial representation of your company. Having it just for the fun will never going to serve its purpose of taking your business to the masses. Unfortunately, some designers don’t realize the true power of a logo. Thinking that marketing is enough to sell products, they neglect giving a relook to their symbols.


Reading this article, you must have realized that designing a buy logo is not that difficult as it sounds until and unless you don’t have enough knowledge and skills. To explore your designing skills, you practice on different platforms and ask for feedback.   



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