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Leadership, Motivation and Presentation by Pastor Keion Henderson

Pastor Keion is often described as effortlessly charming, generous of spirit and exuding an energy that is immediately palpable and reinvigorating. Pastor Keion Henderson has been a pillar of the community, having been a pastor for more than twenty years, empowered people across the globe through his sermons and conferences. 

He is not just a leader himself but has taken on the responsibility to shape and guide the future leaders of the world by equipping them with the moral, intellectual and spiritual tools to unlock their maximum potential. Just like a true leader, he knows that the easiest way to inspire others is to lead your life by example. So he has lived, submitting himself entirely to the service of God and bringing the riches of His teachings to those fortunate enough to encounter him. Pastor Keion Henderson understands the importance of reclaiming our identities as strong, resolute achievers in the world of business – a philosophy that has made him a much sought after, leading expert in the field of Leadership and Motivational Speaking in Business. His programme the Keion Henderson Business Leadership Programme has been designed to inspire those who do not dare to dream and empower those who do not know how fulfil theirs. His holistic Business Start-Up Lab Program are critically acclaimed as being the intellectual driving force behind several successful business start-ups across the country.

Pastor Keion Henderson regularly address congregations and groups at the Lighthouse Church of Houston, where more than ten thousand people gather weekly to hear him talk about how they can transform their personal lives, professional lives and business. Easily considered one of the fasted growing Churches in America, the Lighthouse Church has created a community-based identity for itself that serves not just a kinship of faith but as a network for cooperative progress. Pastor Keion Henderson is widely admired for his natural charm and inherent mentorship abilities that have shown concrete results in the career trajectories of his attendees.

A nurturing yet demanding leader, Pastor Keion Henderson lends his support to those who can support themselves, and a countless many have as such found peace and hope in the face of the Pastor. Despite a long list of accolades and awards to his name, Pastor Keion Henderson, an avid musician, is most proud of his award-winning album The River, for which he received the Stellar Award for Traditional CD of the Year in 2019.

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Business Start-Up Lab Program , Pastor Keion Henderson

Robert Carter

Pastor Keion Henderson is the Inspirational Leader of one of the fastest growing churches in the nation. He is providing Live Catholic Prophecy, Business Start-Up Lab Program, Leadership Motivation and Live Sermons. Book Pastor Keion Live Sermons visit our site

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