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Importance Of Right Employee Screening Vendor

With the arrival of Digital India and the Make in India movement, start-up initiatives have generated over 560,000 jobs since 2016. However, easy access to job information across different portals (like and high competition created difficulties for candidates to get the desired line of work. It has led to a rise in deceitful employees.

Additionally, with multiple avenues opening up, recruiting managers struggle to hire eligible candidates within an appropriate time. To expedite the recruitment process, managers and HRs often make bad hiring decisions.

Why do they need background check services?

According to a recent study, one in every six candidates lies on a job resume in India. Employee discrepancy levels have risen by 48 percent. Many cases go unnoticed due to oversight by organizations. A drop in the quality of the workforce not only affects productivity but also exposes an organization to various risk factors. Some of the risks include data theft, damage to a brand’s reputation, and criminal risk for other employees and clients. Fake employees have become a plague for recruitment.

Bad hires not only hurt a company’s bottom-line but also become a liability. With inflated salaries and other employee prerequisites, they only increase the company’s cost.

Employee Background Verification Services in India

Employee background verification shouldn’t be a choice. Instead, it should become a mandate for every organization to tackle misrepresentations and fraud resumes.

Indian corporate sector is now acknowledging this fact and tackling it by adjoining employee screening with recruitment. Another study reported that India witnessed a growth of 13 percent in background screening cases in April- June 2019.

But, we cannot deny that the country still lacks a streamlined process for background screening. It necessitates organizations to be more vigilant while selecting a third-party vendor.

Awareness of a candidate’s educational and employment history isn’t worthless. However, an organization might not need the degree and extent of check that each service might offer. Sometimes, even a basic identity check might be enough to meet a specific requirement.

Organizations must understand the fact that ultimately, the hiring decision will be depending on the quality of the information provided by their background verification company.

Factors to be taken into account while selecting a company

Nowadays, it is easy for organizations to search for a top company through a basic Google search. Then again, it might not be a sound way to pick a top company. It may not be an optimal choice for an organization’s requirements. Hence, before choosing professional employee screening services, organizations must also consider the following factors-

 Vendor Capabilities

An organization must be fully aware of the kind of services offered by a prospective agency. It must know whether a vendor is a full-service agency or specializes in a specific type of service. Further, it should be aware of the range of checks covered by them, such as educational, criminal, identity, and financial, among others.

 Turn Around Time (TAT) for a process

Most organizations resist performing employee verification due to the amount of time spent over it. Recruiters often rush through the hiring process owing to the task deadlines. With the advent of technology, the background screening process has become rapidly fastidious. The use of technology has reduced TAT, i.e., Turnaround Time for a check. TAT refers to the amount of time taken to fulfill a task. Therefore, an organization must select an agency providing IT-enabled services with significant results in less time.

 Business Practices

A professional employee background verification agency must have the best business practices in place. An organization must be aware of its protocols and the kind of technology it has in place. It should be compliant with ISO or other equivalent standards of quality certification. An agency with IT-enabled smart tools such as VerifyDesk can provide precise results for a sound hiring decision.


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