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Importance of Artificial Intelligence in The Modern world

AI is the concept of developing intelligent machines - e.g. computer algorithms that can work and react like humans. Applications include speech recognition, natural language translation and processing, visual perception, learning, reasoning, inference, strategy formulation, planning, intuition, and decision making. People have been working on these concepts since the 1940s and AI has experienced a lot of false dawn or "winter" as the AI   community likes to explain.

This time, his feeling is that AI is here to stay and that AI can be central to every aspect of human existence from detecting and treating heart failure to running a company, economy, and legal system. There are five main factors that make AI a hot topic on the agenda for companies, investors, politicians, and citizens.

First, we see the development of machine learning tools that are far more efficient and smarter - the core algorithm in which AI systems develop their intelligence. 2) In parallel, the processing power of computer hardware and transaction speeds has increased, and 3) cloud computing allows us to share and combine data and processing power throughout the world. 4) At the same time companies like Google and Amazon have collected a large amount of data that requires AI to process it - giving rise to 5) money. The scale of the opportunity provided by AI has seen billions of dollars invested by these new technology companies, companies in other sectors, and new companies funded by venture companies - so the game is going well and truly alive.

Today AI is used in hundreds of different industries. In fact, AI touches our lives far more than we realize.

1. Banks use it to detect fraud and predict changes in the stock market

2. Insurance companies use AI to help them generate policy quotes and assess claims

3. This helps police forces to identify suspects from rough CCTV images

4. In the courtroom, it offered advice to the judge about whether to provide conditions of guarantee to criminal suspects

5. Machines with the ability to identify images help doctors find disease.

6. An algorithm that uses machine learning - one of the leading AI branches - helps self-driving cars to navigate our complex roads

7. They help linguists to eliminate lost language

8. And it helps companies make decisions about who will be hired and fired

9. Even on flights, AI is used by air traffic controllers to help keep us safe both in the air and on land.

Even though no one knows what impact artificial intelligence has on work, we can all agree on one thing: it's disturbing. So far, many have thrown the distraction in a negative view and are projecting a future where robots take jobs from human workers.

Another is that automation can create more work than is moved. By offering new tools to entrepreneurs, they can also create new business lines that we cannot imagine now.

A recent study from Redwood Software and Sapio Research underlines this view. Participants in 2017 researched and said they believe that 60 percent of businesses can be automated in the next five years.

On the other hand, Gartner estimates that by 2020 AI will produce more jobs than are moved.

In addition to creating new jobs, AI will also help people do their jobs better - much better. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Paul Daugherty, Accenture's Chief Technology and Innovation Officer concluded this idea as, "Humans plus machines are the same as superpowers."

For many reasons, an optimistic view might be more realistic. But AI's ability to change jobs is far from predetermined. In 2018, workers are not adequately prepared for their future. The algorithms and data that underlie AI are also flawed and do not reflect the diverse communities that should be served.


AI can analyze supplier-related data such as audits, complete delivery performance, credit assessments, evaluations, and based on sending information that can be used to make future decisions. Such steps help companies make better decisions as suppliers and strive to improve customer service.

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