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when the students are preparing for board exams, there are a lot of things to be kept in mind which affect the exam result immensely and can get the students increased marks in the exams. While studying for English subject, the key is to have good reading habits which can improve the basic concepts of the students. Reading books can also help in good understanding of English grammar and improve the creative writing ability of class 9th students.

If the students have no idea how to prepare for an upcoming exam, the preparation can be very stressful. The English exam preparation mainly depends upon the focus of students in class. If you have done well in a composition course, a literature class or a comprehensive humanities class you can easily ace your English board exam too.

In this article, students can find ways of getting good marks in the English board exam and develop excellent learning strategies to bring an improvement in their overall study ethic.



The understanding of vocabulary words can help you understand the whole story clearly so the questions asked on the topic can be easily answered. Sometimes there is a super hard word which might slip from the mind of the students. For this purpose students are advised to make flash cards which can display the vocabulary words along with their meanings. Students can even use the words in a sentence so that later they can just take a look at the flash cards and figure out the vocabulary word knowing its meaning. Common roots, suffixes and prefixes can also be identified in the same way. Mostly the vocabulary words might be asked from the students in the MCQ type section so the students are advised to take help from 9th class English MCQ's Tests available on which can help the students have an idea of the type of questions asked in the board exam.



The students are hereby advised that if they make grammar mistakes in the paper it can greatly affect their overall marks in the paper. Grammar is one thing that holds great importance in the English language as a whole part of English exam is based on the grammar section. The students are advised to read more and more English books to improve their grammar but towards the end of the session there might not be much time left for that. Mostly the students can practice grammar from going through the previous years’ papers from which are available on various websites and the students can download and solve them easily.



The students can easily find canonical texts (popular and famous) online from various websites. Many websites are devoted for the purpose of providing online guides and summaries for the students. In English board exam of class 9th, there are many short questions covering small definitions or might be related to the topic covered in the students’ course book. Students must have a good practice of short questions as they can make solid marks for them in the exams. For this purpose they can find for easy downloading. These questions must be solved and rated so that the students can have a clear understanding of where they stand and how well they will be able to perform in the coming board exam.



The students are advised to go through all the previous data that is available to them. This includes all the class notes, the tests taken throughout the session as the teachers only give questions in the tests that are important and might later appear in your board exam. The students must also review their course syllabus to make a check if all the topics are covered or not.

The students are advised to attend the last few classes that your teacher takes as they must learn something new and important which can help them for the board exam. Also ask your teacher for any questions that come into your mind without hesitation and practice unseen topics to write essays and also learn creative writing. Utilize this golden time before you have to appear for the final day. Good luck!



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