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How to Reduce RBSE Board Stress Just Before and After an Exam 2020

Board exams can bring tones of stress to students and there’s no doubt. Irrespective of the facts whether you are all-rounder, brilliant or an average student when it is 10th Board exam or Board exam for 12th class, stress starts affecting studies. Why only pre-exam stress, most of the students even suffered a high level of stress thinking of RBSE 10th Result 2020.

However, taking stress will not solve your lack of concentration before the 10th Board, nor it will solve the mystery of students who appeared for the 12th Board exam 2020. Check out expert tips by some of the professional and knowledgeable people of this industry.

3 Ways to Eliminate Stress before Rajasthan 12th Result

1. Take short breaks during the study and engage in some fun activity 

There’s a common myth that break during board exams are given only to study and no extra work. However, the fact is that taking a short break for a few minutes will strengthen your studying capacity. Do anything that you wanted to do in your leisure time. This will take your mind off from stress. Such activity will refresh your mood. Try it!

2. Do some exercise and go out for a while 

Exercise boosts mood and mind that will enhance your productive power. While you feel a little bore during the study, go out and do some quick exercise, talk a short walk, head to the swimming pool, gym or a run. 

3. Speak to someone close to you

If the stress goes behind control, it can disturb you for a longer time and that’s not good for you especially when the 10th Board exam 2020 is nearby. If this is the case with you too, keep notes and books aside and talk to someone who you think is close to you. Believe it, you will surely feel better thereafter. 

5 Handy Tips to Keep Mind Stress-free after RBSE 12th Result/ RBSE 10th Result 2020

So, when your exams are finally over be it is 10th or 12th Board, taking stress after writing paper will not bring back your those paper back to you before the declaration of RBSE 10th Result 2020. Needless to say, keeping below-mentioned handy tips post-exam will surely bring great relief to you:

  1. Watch the latest movie released with pals.
  2. Girls can enjoy their beauty session.
  3. Boys can chill out with friends and explore a new place.
  4. Take a sound sleep that you have missed during exams.
  5. Avoid people who are negative thinkers.

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