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How to hide intimate photos and videos on Windows

If you go back to the 70’s, it was an era of the hippie movement, where drugs, sex and peace were the trend. It was also the era of technology – mainly the introduction of the camcorder and color TV were the innovation of the millennium. Thus, the combination of technology and sex gave way to sex tapes. Ordinary couples began making their sex tapes and it was a cool thing to do back then. Move forward into the future, and this trend seems still to continue – less camcorders – which are now replaced by smart phones because they smaller and personal.  Consequently, one of the main key features for any Windows smartphone has to be its camera quality – namely Nokia phones which are consistently rated highly for their excellent camera quality. In general, the better the camera, the better images and videos it can take.

Today, camera quality is not an issue for most Windows phones – most middle budget smart phones come with at least a 5 megapixel camera and can record video at least at 720 pixels.  Thus, without a doubt, taking intimate photographs and videos with your Windows phone is one of the most common practices amongst couples and individuals alike. It is, of course a no-brainer that one should not share such media with others – as often was the case which can end up putting oneself in an embarrassing situation to say the least. To engage in such acts may come naturally to one self – such as making sex videos with your lover – though may disgust others who might accidentally view your intimate photos and videos saved on your Windows phone.  The point is that people are naturally curious about digging up other people’s business – they simply cannot help themselves.

Thus, it is up to the individual, him or herself to make sure their private content is well hidden on their Windows device. Imagine a scenario in which you have made a sex video with you and your partner are performing the act – and all of a sudden, someone asks to use your phone to make a phone call, and after they are done, they decide to go through your personal content and discover your deep-dark – not to mention disguising – activities. Imagine the embarrassment, and humiliation one would have to go through. Or imagine that you’ve been cheating on your wife or girlfriend and she discovers your affair – imagine what would happen to your relationship.

One a different note, one would begin to wonder as if hiding private content on Windows phone is even possible – given its lack of default security features. What further complicates this matter even more is the fact that there are countless apps which claim to hide your photos and videos on your Windows phone – but none are as reliable or as popular as Secure Photo Gallery Pro. SPG is the only professionally developed app capable of locking and hiding your private content on Windows Phone.

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