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How to Choose Essay Topics like a Pro?

Your choice of essay topics defines your potential of working on a particular subject matter. Unless you are successful in developing the perfect topic based on a well-structured essay outline, you cannot produce a well-written and syntactically flawless paper at the end of the day.  At times, instead of giving you a pre-determined essay topic to write on, tutors may also ask you to choose your own topic.

No matter if it’s a college essay writing assignment or school essay projects, the process of developing essay outlines with innovative topics remain the same. Now that you are looking for suggestions that will help you to draft essays based on well-developed topic questions, invest some time in reading this blog.

  • Sit for a brainstorming session

First of all, you need to sit for a brainstorming session and find out an essay topic you are genuinely interested to explore or talk about in your essay. It can be any subject matter under the sun, but do not go for something that is too controversial in nature. If you love the topic then it will make your research more organised from every dimension.

  • Refrain from choosing topics that are too narrow or broad

Make sure that the essay topic isn’t too narrow or broad in nature. An excessively narrow essay topic won’t allow you to expand enough research avenues. On the other hand, overly broad essay topics won’t allow you to focus on a particular research methodology. As a consequence, it would only take a lot of time for you to accumulate a large volume of information from multiple resources.

  • Determine your essay genre prior to choosing a topic

This is important. You must choose an essay topic based on the genre you will be working on. For example, if you are asked to compose an argumentative essay, then come up with topics such as:

  • Can we prevent smoking by banning tobacco?
  • Is religion the actual cause of war among various communities?

In case, you are supposed to draft a cause and effect essay, then try developing your piece around topics like:

  • The changes in the ocean and its effect on plants and animals
  • The positive and negative impact of internet on kids

You can also look for more unique essay prompts on the websites of college essay writing services.

Now that you have an idea how to choose essay topics efficiently, implement the strategies accordingly and impress your professor with exemplary compositions. Good luck!


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