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How to Avoid the Money-Drainers While Traveling

If you have ever travelled in your life, you must have rented a hotel or a Car Rental, and realized that everything is just so expensive at the tourist places. Whether you go to buy food, rent a hotel room, or a souvenir, you have to pay an inflated price for everything. If you practice the tips given below, you are sure to save at least 30-40% on the biggest money drainers.

Don’t make the initial offer

When you want to buy or rent something, act shocked at the quoted price as soon as the vendor opens his mouth. Let him do the thinking, and lower the price on his own, which should ideally happen within 10 seconds of your initial communication. Until then, you can just stand there doing nothing, absolutely nothing.

Let the vendor make the second offer

After the vendor lowers the price for the first time, you can again negotiate. Be stubborn and just say that you cannot afford it. Let him lower the prices once again until you find it suitable to buy. When you want to pay a particular amount, you can show the currency notes from your pocket and show them to him. The shopkeepers often react better at seeing the real money than just respond to negotiation.

Bring your own snacks

Tourist destinations are infamous for having shops that overcharge their customers, and do so shamelessly. Instead of buying expensive and unhealthy foods from these outlets, you can bring healthy snacks from your hotel or home. This will save your money, as well as, health. You must carry your water bottle and refill it wherever possible.

Bed and breakfast

Even though it seems expensive to pay for breakfast at the hotel, it ultimately saves money. You may find it difficult to wake up early in the morning just to eat the buffet breakfast, but the fact is that it is cheaper and healthier than the food out on the streets. You can eat as much as you want, and even pack a few things, if the hotel allows. Even if you cannot pack, you can at least stuff your stomach so that you don’t have to buy an expensive lunch. Moreover, when you wake up early, you can have your breakfast on time, and kick start your day.

Find the happy hours

If you hire Car Rentals in Mumbai, for instance, you can drive anywhere at your convenience and find out the places that offer discounted prices. Many restaurants and bars offer happy hours during afternoon and early evening. If you are traveling with family, you can take benefit from such deals and save money. Food can be a real money-drainer for your pocket if you don’t spend wisely. You can also eat at the flea markets in small markets and find foods in great quantities at less money.

You need to find out the things that eat up most of your money while you are out in the new places, and plan how you can save on them. You will be surprised that you can save at least 30% of your estimated budget just by planning well.



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