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French translations

French is the mother tongue of more than 100 million people worldwide, although there are many more who speak it as a second language. In view of these data, it is not surprising that French translations are among the most demanded translations.

In professional agencies, French translators need to pass strict selection tests to be hired. Agencies do so because in order to perform a good translation it is not enough to translate only the words. The linguistic also has to be attentive to the subtle nuances introduced by the context. And that is only achieved by having professionals who handle the text at the native level.

Strict compliance with deadlines and respect for the confidentiality of any material that a client sends are essential for any professional translation agency.

The French language

The French language is a Romance language that, in addition to France, is spoken in the French overseas territories. There are approximately 270 million Francophones in the world. French occupies the thirteenth position in languages ​​most spoken by natives and the second position in languages ​​used in international relations. There are many countries that use French as an official and public communication language. There are also many international organizations that use it as the usual working language, such as the United Nations or the European Union. French is also one of the official languages ​​of the International Olympic Committee, the WTO, NATO, and the postal services.

The writing of French does not closely resemble its actual pronunciation. One of its peculiarities is the use of two or three letters to indicate a phoneme. However, it is easy to intuit the pronunciation from the writing. This doesn´t happen the other way round because the writing is not predictable from the spoken language. The written language is less changing than the spoken form. The usual pronunciation of the French language generally places the prosodic accent on the last syllable.

The constant lack of correspondence between written and oral French is a characteristic that is due to the continuous phonetic changes that have taken place since the period of ancient French, and that have not gone hand in hand with changes in writing.

When requesting translations of French, it is important to specify the target audience of the translated text and the country in which you want to enter since French is spoken in many different countries. French is one of the official languages ​​in Belgium (there are more than four million Francophones in Belgium). In the capital, Brussels, it is the language spoken by the vast majority of its inhabitants. French is also spoken in Switzerland (it is spoken by 30% of its inhabitants).

There are almost 2 million Francophones in Switzerland. French is the unique official language in Monaco. French is also commonly spoken in Andorra and is one of its three educational systems. In Luxembourg it is one of the official languages ​​with Luxembourgish and German. The countries of Eastern Europe such as Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova are also part of the Francophonie because they use it as a second language. French translations are essential for European companies since French is the second most spoken language in the European Union as a native language, behind German and ahead of English.

Different types of translations

There are so many types of documents that may need translation from or into French. Professional agencies provide services to translate business documents or personal texts. In case you need to present documentation in any public body, they also carry out sworn translations, which can be sent physically or by email in a PDF document.

Among business translations, agencies offer a wide range of translation services: legal, financial, advertising texts, technical texts, manuals, articles, etc. They understand the importance of deadlines for your business or your personal situation, so they also offer an urgent translation service so you can have the translated texts available in the shortest possible time. The translators are always native speakers of the target language.

Some professional translation companies that provide translation from and into French

Would you trust an agency that has the European Union as a client? That´s Pangeanic, an agency born in Spain which has offices in several countries nowadays. Their offices are located in Valencia, Madrid, Houston, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo and London.

Protranslate is another reliable option. This agency, based in Chipre, has a platform that allows clients to get fast quotations by simply following basic guidelines.

Ibidem Group is another Spanish translation agency, with offices in Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona. They have a team with a lot of experience and they have great prices.

Last but not least, Culture Connection also offers quality translations. They have offices in Buenos Aires, Niza, Paris and New York.


French translations

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