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Feel the elegance of Pure Matka Silk Sarees of India

Silk sarees have been adored by women in India since ages. The lustrous shine silk sarees come with, imparts a divinely rich look and feel. Silk sarees are hence extremely preferred for any kind of celebratory occasions or traditional festivals in India. Now silk sarees can be of many different types. One such popular kind is the pure matka silk sarees. The fabric got its name from the pots used by women weavers of Bengal and Bihar, to pile up the silk filaments derived from the mulberry silkworm cocoons.
The pure matka silk sarees are the kind of sarees that every Indian woman with an interest and a good taste in sarees would certainly plan to have in her wardrobe. Matka is the kind of silk that has a different kind of a shine and its weaving patterns creates beautiful embellished effects on the sarees. The pure matka silk sarees of Bhagalpur, Bihar are renowned for their superior quality.
So what makes pure matka silk sarees different from other varieties of silk? Usually while making of the silk fibres from the natural yarn, the sericin (sticky natural gum) from the fibres is cleaned off. In case of making matka silk, this step is skipped, which makes pure matka silk sarees different from the others. The pure matka silk sarees are hence thicker as compared to other kinds of silks and have a unique raw appeal to them. They are a fine variety nonetheless. When woven, this gives the pure matka silk sarees a distinctive irregular tweed-like texture, without compromising with the smoothness and luster of the silk sarees.
Because of their texture, pure matka silk sarees can accommodate different beautiful and intricate thread works and embroideries on them, to create motifs and designs of so many kinds. The designers are also making use of zari threadwork, brocade pallu, etc. to enhance the richness of the pure matka silk sarees. With all these properties, the pure matka silk sarees look very elegant and royal that can be worn on special occasions with ease. Pure matka silk sarees come in many colours, but they look most mesmerizing in the brighter shades, which are apt for attending events like a wedding ceremony, a grand gala or a festive night.
So don’t feel left out and checkout some gorgeous collections of pure matka silk sarees online, to add to your saree collection.


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