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Everything You Need to Know About Frontier Miles

Frontier Airlines is an American ultra-low-cost air carrier, which offers domestic and international flights to over one hundred destinations, including Cleveland, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Atlanta. It has a fleet size of about 96 aircraft and stands as the eighth-largest commercial airline in the U.S. 

Although, it is an ultra-low-cost airline, it still gives you a chance to earn rewards and take several benefits through its FRONTIER Miles program. Want to know what is this program all about, how to become a member of FRONTIER Miles, and how you can make the most out of this program? Keep reading till the end and you will have answers to all the questions. It becomes more crucial for you to know about the FRONTIER Miles if you are planning to book Frontier Airlines reservations someday soon.

So, without any waste of time, let’s get started:

What is FRONTIER Miles?

Simply put, FRONTIER Miles is the Frontier Airlines’ frequent flyer program designed for its passengers. To give more to its frequent travelers, the airline has developed this special program. According to the rule, the airline lets you earn 1 mile per 1 mile flown. After accumulating a certain number of miles, you can redeem them for flights, get free checked bags, travel more, and enjoy lots and lots of other exclusive benefits. 

How to Sign up with my Frontier Account

or become a Member of FRONTIER Miles?

You can sign up with FRONTIER Miles program for free. Anyone with or without a Frontier Airlines tickets is eligible to become a member and enjoy all the rewarding benefits. 

To sign up for this free mileage offer, you can head to the airline’s official website and navigate to the ‘myFrontier’ tab on the top. Hover to the option, and you will see a new section will appear on the page. Click on the ‘SIGN UP TODAY’ option, and fill out the form with correct information to create your ‘myFrontier Account.’ 

How to Earn FRONTIER Miles? 

With a myFrontier Account, you can save your booking details, such as payment, passenger details, travel preferences, etc. To start earning miles in your account, you need to travel a lot with Frontier Airlines. Regardless of the price of your ticket, you will receive 1 mile for every 1 mile flown. Every time you book Frontier Airlines flights and travel, the airline sends you miles as per your destination’s distance to your origin into your myFrontier Account. 

To make the most out of your program, you need to apply for the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard. Using this card for everyday purchases or with the airline’s partners, you can earn more miles and rewards easily. You can earn up to five miles for every dollar spent on successful purchases and three miles for every dollar spent at restaurants and one mile for a dollar when you swipe your card in any other shop or place. 

How to Use or Redeem your FRONTIER Miles Easily?

No matter which part of the world you travel, just earn 10,000 miles and will get a one-way domestic flight with Frontier Airlines. To redeem, simply visit the airline’s official website and log in by entering your myFrontier account details. 

While making Frontier Airlines reservations, you can search for “miles” and know how many more miles, if not available enough, will be needed for your desired trip. In case you have lots of miles, enough for your destination, you can continue booking the flight. 

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