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Engagement Ring Guide

As the largest online retailer of certified loose diamonds and fine jewelry, we can confidently say you have come to the right place. Our selection, quality and technology are incomparable. We are here to help you design an engagement ring that reflects your goals, your budget, and everything that is most important to you.

Engagement rings are symbols of love, devotion, and loyalty.  It is in a circle shape. The circle has a deeper meaning and symbolism because it has no end and no beginning, and it represents the infinite love that transcends this life. A circle is also a great symbol of how everything is connected and how two people are connected in a beautiful and dignified way.

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The engagement ring is usually worn on the left finger. It is believed that the ancient Romans developed this practice. The Romans believed that the left finger contained a vein connected directly to the heart, and they called it the “vena amoris,” or love artery. Putting an engagement ring on her finger was a symbol of the heart and love that flows between a married couple. In many lands, the ring is worn on the right hand. However, in the USA, it is still traditionally worn on the left.

There are many couples who choose to customize their engagement rings to mark their own. For example, many engagement rings will include Celtic textures or engraved names to better represent individual relationships. Some couples will choose rings to include a birthstone unlike traditional diamonds. There are many different ways to capture the beauty and beauty of an engagement ring while it is unique.

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Consider Your Choice of Steel. You will find that platinum is often more expensive than a unique gold background. Palladium is an inexpensive metal substitute for white gold. When it comes to 14 karat or 18 karat, the latter is very expensive because it contains a lot of gold. Remember, though, that a lot of gold in metal can easily be found in everyday wear.

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