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Buy Beautifully Crafted Hand-Woven Baskets Straight From Artisans

The existence of hand-woven baskets can be traced back to over ten thousand years back when baskets were discovered in Egyptian pyramids. Since that time, baskets have been found in nearly every civilization to date. At the start, hand woven baskets were made more for prerequisites and were used to hold such stuff as food, clothing, and seed and were used to hold produce for trade.

A complete variety of natural products have been utilized in the weaving of baskets, including grasses, roots, reeds, vines, leaves, raffia, and cane. Amazingly, even today baskets are still hand woven, as, despite our continued expansion with technology and skills, man hasn't ever been ready to create or develop a machine that is capable of mass manufacturing baskets.

A hand-woven basket can add a certain charm or style to any room in your home and except for looking interesting, they may also be extremely functional. You can store all demeanor of things in them like bread, wine, logs for the fire, etc. And the sole limitation is your imagination. Woven baskets such as picnic basket or an apple basket or any other basket are not only apt to be used for personal use but can also be used for gifting purposes. Today many stores are offering woven storage baskets available in different colors and styles. These baskets are highly durable and are available at affordable rates.

People that know the value of handcrafted products appreciate African art too. There is an increasing demand for these products so much so corporate houses have started considering these handcrafted African products for their corporate gifting needs. People are thrilled when they receive these items as party favors or as wedding favors.

In case you have been looking to purchase traditional and beautifully decorated woven baskets online at affordable prices. You can very conveniently order these products online right from your home. African Creative an established and professional art business. We have supplied original, wire beaded designs to art lovers locally and from around the globe for the past 15 years. We are a team of perfectionists, innovative, and artistic because we realize the value of handmade art and decor. We African creative brings you authentic collections of original, handcrafted works. We gather and showcase artwork from innovative and talented artists from across the African continent to your laptop, where you'll purchase at your leisure, online. You can view our authentic Bogolan mud cloth throws, Bamileke shields, and Juju hats to name few, in the tranquility of your home.

Beautifully crafted hand-woven baskets straight from artisans. These baskets can be used to store toys, letters, fruits, or as a wall decoration. The wall basket set contains several sizes of baskets to fit the look of your home. If you love a traditional-looking atmosphere, the Basket set is an ideal decor item for your home too.

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Juju hats , Wall Basket Set

African Creative

African Creative with a rich experience of 15 years are supplier of original, wire beaded designs to art lovers locally and from around the globe. As an established and professional arts business, African Creative is a small team of artists creating wire, bead and rope artwork in their workshop in Cape Town.

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