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Biker VS Fashion Jackets For Women

There seems to be an ever growing overlap between fashion and biker leather jackets. Biker jackets are designed for motorcyclists but it seems that fashion buyers are now wearing biker jackets for fashion. Leather jackets for women have been increasingly popular in the fashion industry. We will take a look at the difference between biker and fashion jackets and whether there is any difference between the two styles now.

Biker jackets for women

Firstly, leather biker jackets can differ from your usual high street jacket simple because the leather which is used if different. For biker wear you would require thick and durable leather which is buffalo hide or cowhide. This is about 1.1-1.3 mm in thickness and quite heavy in weight. The whole purpose of thick hides being used for jackets is to serve as another layer of skin. Protecting you from road rash and burns.

Secondly, biker jackets usually comes with added features which would appeal to a biker such as; double lining for extra warmth whilst riding and air vents to help circulate the wind. The zippers and buttons are usually heavy duty YKK zippers and the thread used to stitch the jacket is also heavy duty. These jackets are expensive but constructed to last a very long time so serve as a good investment.

Biker jackets can come in short waist length or ¾ length depending on the rider's preference. The longer designs will usually will come with size adjustment features such as full waist belt. 

Fashion leather jackets for women

Fashion jackets are usually made from softer, more light weight leather. This is usually lamb or sheepskin and is cheaper than cowhide or buffalo hide. These types of leather are not as durable and may not last as long but are purely for fashion wear so there won’t be any small pieces debris or stones flying out at you.

Usually with single lining or no lining and more focused on the design, fashion jackets are usually simple and sleek. With the features focusing on such things as fur collars or different panel designs.

There are so many different styles available such as ladies leather bomber jackets, leather coats and trench coats. More choice or vibrant colours and designs.

Is there much of a difference?

As seen described above there are a lot of difference between biker and fashion leather jackets. The first being the difference in leather, this also shows a difference in price as the thicker the leather the more expensive it will be. The second being that biker jackets focus more on the added features such as the zippers, lining and buckles.

Regardless of these difference we seem to still use biker jackets as fashion wear simply because they look great. It gives that edgy rock look and is sought after by both men and women. Biker jackets seem to be the new casual wear to have, it seems to match with most outfits and offers a better investment, being that it is long lasting.

Both designs seem to now fuse together and now retailers are selling biker jackets which offer the same design features and look but cheaper is cost and lighter in weight. 


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