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Beginner’s Guide to Chicago Style Referencing

Citing sources according to the Chicago style format is certainly no child’s play. This, at times, causes students to look for online Chicago style citation generator for instant solutions Citing sources in Chicago style format requires a clear understanding of the original format, elements to be included and aspects to be met at the end of the day.

However, even though an online tool will help you to generate solutions instantly, it won’t entirely allow you to get the hang of its nitty-gritty concepts. So, how about reading this article and refer back to it as your guide to Chicago style referencing in the near future?

Here you go.

  • Citing a Book in Chicago Referencing Style

You need to abide by the following conventions in order to cite a book in Chicago referencing style.

à List the first place of publication, as mentioned on the title page.

à Remember, you may consider agencies, corporations, government departments and other organisations as authors, in case, there is no author name associated with a particular work.

à You need to insert editor’s name while citing an entire book that lists editors on its title page.

à In case, you are citing a translated book, add “translated by”, followed with the name(s) of the concerned translator(s).


  • Citing journals according to the Chicago referencing format

Consider following these instructions in order to cite all sources according to the Chicago referencing style.

à Take note, journal titles are italicised when typed or kept underlined when handwritten.

à The issue number, in the journal article, is preceded by number, and the season or month is included in round brackets.

à One must omit the number if there’s no month or season included in the work.


  • Adding references in Chicago format for newspaper articles

If you are looking for Chicago citation maker in order to cite newspaper articles, then here’s everything you should know.

® Include the section name of the newspaper article if included.

® In addition, you need to include the specific date and year of publication.

® You should also include the specific page or section numbers if necessary.


  • Chicago referencing tips for conference papers

In case you are looking for Chicago manual style citation generator to cite sources included in conference papers, here’s everything you must know.

® The format for a published conference must include Author’s Name followed by the Paper Title, Editor’s Name, Place of Publication, Publisher and Year in second brackets and page numbers.

® In case of unpublished conference papers, you need to come up with the Author’s Name at first, followed by the Paper Title, and finally the page numbers, if appropriate.


Keep reading more of such articles and watch this space for more write-ups on Chicago citation guide for datasets, internet documents, legal materials and more.

Summary: Students often look for Chicago style citation generator in order to acknowledge various sources used in academic works. This article is purely based on the beginner’s tips to add references to various documentations according to the Chicago referencing convention. 

Author Bio: Emily Moore is one of the executive developers of Chicago style citation generator, associated with the digital brand Apart from that, she is known to be an ardent travel blogger and freelance photographer from New York, United States.


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