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Becoming a Multicultural Church in Houston

What does God expect of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in the 21stcentury? How would we live our confidence as gatherings of devotees inside an inexorably multicultural country and the world? What do we think and what is our opinion about open doors for intersection racial and social limits and hindrances? Does God want multi-cultural ministries? What will be our reactions to dug in prejudice in the coming days? What models will we pass on to our youngsters who will progress toward becoming pioneers for tomorrow? At that point what is the vision that will motivate and direct us as we settle on our decisions today? An awesome opportunity.

In the same way as other Christians, a developing number of Presbyterians accept that in this time, as in each time of mankind's history, we are being given an especially great chance to observer by our activities, not simply our words, to the accommodating affection for God for all people groups. God is sending to our doorstep the various worlds God made, outsiders who carry their blessings to God's place of petition.

While the vision of a multicultural church is as old as the congregation itself, yet it is a dream to be recharged in our day. Regardless of how inaccessible this fantasy may sound considering the way that most Protestant assemblies tend tube fundamentally homogeneous-we can't overlook that the congregation portrayed in the second part of the book of Acts was a multiracial, multilingual, and multicultural church. This was no mishap! The command of Pentecost. The alarming occasion of Pentecost still remains as an order for us today. For sure, we are called, both as people and as the assortment of Christ, to open our entryways, our psyches, and our hearts to people whom we see as outsiders.

Steady with the multicultural vision, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has moved our enrolment to create and bolster multicultural assemblages as a major aspect of a congregation development methodology to build racial and ethnic participation. This test tends to all homogeneous Presbyterian assemblies to leave on a multicultural adventure of chance and revelation, regardless of what social, racial, or ethnic gathering they may speak to. The energizing news is that, right now, more than 350 PCUSA assemblies distinguish themselves as multicultural. They change in size, history, and social cosmetics.

A portion of these gatherings started their journey as long as 30or more years back and have a lot to share from their encounters. Reports and stories from huge numbers of these assemblages guarantee us that the multicultural voyage is without a doubt an endowment of chance and that turning into a multicultural network epitomizes today our expectation for what's to come.

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