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Apply These 6 Secret Techniques to Improve Skills’ of Custom Logo Complex or Simple

A logo for the growth of the business is as crucial as a commendable product and services are. It is the foundation of the brand on which a business is laid and being represented by the customers. Without it, a business seems baseless.

But to earn all the benefits of it, designing it with flaws is pointless.

These mistakes there is no way business is getting in a good place with the help of it.

 These are the techniques that should be lookup while improving the previous designs.  

1. Create Mind Maps:

Ideas are important when it comes to businesses. At this point, even the silliest one makes sense and comes out very efficiently.

Be open to ideas, take them from client to the employees, and search for them in daily routine.

Use software for mind maps and even it is not available, then pens and paper are the perfect substitutes for it.

Sketching whatever is in your mind is one of the techniques of a professional design.

2. Know the Difference Between Photoshop & Illustrator:

If you have made the mistake of using Photoshop then don’t repeat it. As no professional make such a mistake.

It should be scalable and in vector format to reach its purpose and these factors are achieved through Adobe illustrators.

Using photoshops are a big NO!

3. Make Sure It's Versatile:

One of the solemn purposes behind investing too much in a logo is to use it for marketing and branding.

 Marketing requires it to be printed almost everywhere from billboards to a tiny business card. It should be designed in such a way that being printed anywhere won’t ruin its quality or effects.  

4. Design It Meaningful:  

Buy logo online and makes sure it has meaning behind it. It is not always about aesthetic looks but meanings too.

The purpose of designing it is to communicate with potential customers. If it won’t be able to tell the meaning of the brand or the desired message then it might be a clash.

The beauty of it lies in the meaning.

5. Understand the Size:

Pay attention to the size. Because it is not going to be printed on only one medium. There are thousands of platforms where it is going to be used and for the representation of the brand.

If brands are investing too much in it then being able to print it everywhere is their right.

Designing should be done in such a way that zooming in or zooming out won’t affect it. Being in print on merchandise, phone screen, desktop wallpaper, billboards, social media profiles, and a lot more, doesn’t change an element about it.

6. Reverse Image Search with Google Image:

Once you have brainstorm or work on tip number one that is create a mind map, then finalizing the perfect design might still be a struggle.

The ideas that are fascinating or out of the box for you might be the same in thousands of others' minds. Or the design that you think is unique might already be present in the market that you are not aware of.

To avoid such coincidences, use reverse image search on google image or many other apps. This image helps out to know whether the design is unique or not.


If you are looking forward to improving, then these are the technique that should be looking forward to and work on them. Buy a logo and make sure to improve with it. As improving along, the way is part of the journey.

I believe this one is helpful for you.


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Akshay Kumar

This is Akshay Kumar. I am a Senior Content Strategist at Buy Custom Logo.

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