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App development – How different is it from software development

Mobile app development is much more similar to creating a web application than it is to developing software. Software is generally created for use usually within a computer and oftencannot be used on any other devices. Also, software is created for Microsoft operating system, which most of the time is largely compatible with all computers, be it laptop or desktop. This is where the Android app development and iPhone app development differs. Apps made through iPhone or Android development are specially designed for smartphones, tablets and other similar, wireless devices.

Where software is made for general use in systems, the app development companies are created specifically with exclusive features and UI/UX that are highlight the special features and functions of various mobile devices manufactured by different companies, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and Ericsson, and Nokia. What anyone who wants to use app or software development to create new channels of communication or to automate aspects of their business is the mobile app highlights the unique features of a  mobile device, and delivers the optimum performance for whatever function you and your business is trying to achieve. For example, the accelerometer in the iPhone may be used appropriately to create an exclusive gaming app that will make use of all the special features included in the Apple iOS mobile operating system which is extensive, new, and unique, e.g. the new wearable functionality included in the latest iOS release. Another reason why these apps need to be developed for mobile devices specifically is because it is believed that the performance of the iOS development app is maximizes the use of iOS code, and good quality can only be obtained if the app is developed for mobile for the particular device’s mobile operating system. These codes also can take in to account the special features that can be obtained by accessing the specific brand of processors in each device.

App development companies have generated a massive job opportunity with an estimated 60% of the 529,000 newly created jobs, being created by the app economy jobs of the European Union. In order to create a good foundation for iPhone app development and android app developments, is a understanding of the similarities and differences of each kind of platform.  It is also important to understand whatinfrastructure available for the different mobile operating systems as well as the varying skills and experience of the developers and mobile application development firms.  Apps can be developed using the cross-platform methods but they are not as powerful or extensive as Apps written in the native mobile language.  In addition, cross-platform development codes are more sensitive to the experience of the user and the general performance of the app, thus more liable to generate errors or a bad customer experience.

Currently, iPhone rules the Mobile Appl Development roost and so app development companies have made more iPhone apps than Android apps, and developed more of a specialty in Apple iOS than Google Android mobile operating system. The biggest competitor of iPhone is the Samsung; with a long history or each suing the other for breach of design and software related issues.  This fighting has created publicity that by default is creating a greater demand for Android app development companies competing with iOS app development. Most of these better mobile appl development companies specialise in catering to both iOS app development and Android app development, because if you want to reach the full audience of mobile app users you need to have app in both iOS, and Android, and maybe even Microsoft mobile operating system.  Blackberry’s mobile operating system seems to be optional, unless you are building apps for a government or highly secure company doing business with a government.


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